Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Power house to power at all cost

Years ago as a civil engineering student I worked one summer for the MOW, on the mighty Upper Waitaki power scheme. It was a fantastic scheme in its vision and well built by NZers.

It has been a vital cog in our economic growth for close to 30 years.

We are now in the situation where we desperately need more generation capacity as the natural cycles that constrain hydro generation come into play.

What have our leaders done in the last decade to ensure supply.

Well not much apparently, apart from pillage money from the electricity consumer and cross their fingers. They have spent our money recklessly to help ensure their own survival at the elections. Much better to have their pet social projects well funded than actually build anything useful.

They have put alot of unnecessary pressure on our long term prosperity by adopting a head in the sand mentality.

Where are the leaders with the vision to ensure that ensuring long term generation is a priority?

Nothing will lower our standard of living faster than a lack of electricity.


Bryan Spondre said...

Indeed, and one only has to reflect on Business Confidence to see the dammage that this lack of real 'common sense' is having.

Dave Mann said...

Yes, but as we all know, electricity is an evil force in the world which goes totally against the natural environment. If the wise and good Goddess Gaia, our all embracing earth mother, had meant us to have electricity, then trees would have naturally grown with built-in power plugs. They havent. So there! Case proven.

Lou, I am surprised that you have the arrogant insensitivity to admit that you once worked in this filthy defiling unclean industry. You should be deeply ashamed ever to have been associated with this 'electricity' thing that has brought so much grief and pain to the whole planet.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lou and it is noteworthy that National has been banging on about this issue for sometime.
Only now, somewhat belatedly, is Liarbore taking the matter seriously.
Of course when we are sat in the dark during the depths of winter we can see the folly of Liarbores foolish policies.
The sustainability we want is knowing the power supplies are sustainable and they are not.
Lirbore opposing coal fired power plants might please the greenies, wbut if we have no businesses around to pay for Liarbore's other policies, then we are doomed.
I trust the public will certainly seek revenge on Liarebore at the ballot box should the lights go out.
The incident in Wellington this week, shows how vulnerable we are.
As your blog has noted, Liarbore has been using the state owned energy companies as a cash cow, raking in billions for the Treasury, while they underinvest to meet Cullen's financial targets.
Wind and water just cannot be relied on as the papers noted yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately if our leaders had any vision...they wouldn't be in parliament.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Lou said...
Nothing will lower our standard of living faster than a lack of electricity.

I think that the problem is caused by Labour putting legislation in to combat global warming and that is where the problem lies.

Clunking Fist said...

"Nothing will lower our standard of living faster than a lack of electricity."

I'm stealing that. I might paint it on the side of a small van and drive it round Wellington, tootling my horn.

macdoctor said...

Document leaked from PMs office...


Official Statement:

"Power cuts are actually a good thing because:-

1. This will reduce our kyoto obligations by 0.1%
2. Earth's temperature will go down by 0.00001 degrees
3. There will be a 90% reduction in fatal electrocutions.
4. There will be no increase in debt because people will be unable to use their credit cards.
5. Stress will be reduced. People will not be able to work late or watch TV and so will get to bed early.
6. Diets will improve. Only raw vegetables, fruit and nuts can be eaten uncooked.
7. Pokie machines will cease to work, saving the poor millions of dollars.
8. Light bulbs will last much longer.
9. Astronomers will get their first clear view of NZ skies for decades.
10. Large savings will be made in health as the frail and infirm die of hypothermia.

Now bundle up warmly because it is going to be a long, long winter..."

Note to H2: Scratch point 10. I think I was channeling the spirit of Ruth Richardson at the time I wrote it...



Colin Espiner does a fine job noting Parker'sproblems, noting he and his government have made them worse.

Anonymous said...

The power crisis is not something that might happen in the future. it is here now today

They have put alot of unnecessary pressure on our long term prosperity by adopting a head in the sand mentality.

They are costing us prosperity and exports TODAY as real business users have to turn off power so that labour voters can keep running their big TVs and playstations.

domestic power - especially to people who won't pay - should be cut FIRST. Instead of what this government is doing: cutting power to every business in the country before cutting a single household.

Seamonkey Madness said...

I have an insider at the Electricity Commission, saying those in high places are packing themselves (and so they should be, considering what else I've heard).