Saturday, May 31, 2008

For whom the poll tolls

Two polls are out tomorrow, says Colin Espiner.
First, the long awaited TVNZ Colmar-Brunton poll.
And TV3 has a poll out too.
I wonder what might be in them.
I haven't heard any rumours though Fran Mold tonight said the Greens were up to 7% in the Tv1 poll.


Anonymous said...

Labour in the High Twenties.

ACT over 5% and heading up.

Maori Party with a lock on all 7 seats.

Inventory2 said...

If Labour is in the high 20's on Colmar Brunton I wouldn't be surprised. If Labour is in the high 20's on the 3News poll - they are screwed!


My guess is little change from previous polls though trending towards National.
I have National in the mid 50s and Liarbour below 30% in the TV1 Colmar Brunton Poll.
National were strongly in front last time.
In the TV3 Poll. That had Liarbour just 10% behind in April, but I am sure things have worsened since then for Liarbour.
I might have National around 50% and Liarbour in the mid 30s, suggesting a lead around 15%.
But I guess we'll know in 15-20 minutes.
Any more last minute predictions anyone?
It seems the huge lead Fairfax gave National a couple of weeks back may not have been the rogue poll Liarbour was claiming!!!