Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Family Man

Adolf has been asked to deliver to the assembled multitude on Sunday a five minute address on 'what it means to be a family man.'

I'm really struggling to think of anything to say.

Do I remark that is seems silly to go out and pay $1,000 for a bit of tough old brisket when you have an unlimited supply of rump steak at home? Naaah. Don't think that would go down with this particular audience.

Should I reflect on how lucky I was to have parents who were loyal and were never heard to utter a cross word to each other?

Will I allude to the potential difficulties faced by children raised in single parent families? Particularly single parent welfare dependent families? (yes) Even though that might have me accused of being 'political.'

Do I lament the modern day trend towards denigration of the traditional 'normal' family unit of mother (woman), father (man) and their natural or adopted offspring? (yes)

Do I lament the popularity of abortion as a de facto means of 'family planning' wherein little effort seems to be made to encourage the adoption of unwanted children. It's so much more convenient to kill them before birth. (yes)

Should I remark on the irony that those who shout loudest about civilian deaths in Iraq are nowhere to be seen when it comes to our own civilian deaths outrage in New Zealand? The twenty thousand or so live, kicking unborn babies put to death each year.

Why, that's nearly as many civilians as were murdered each year in Iraq before Saddam Hussein was brought to account.



I'd credit your parents too, Adolf.
I can see that with my ex, the lack of a stable upbringing helped cause many problems.

Inventory2 said...

What Fairfacts said (about parents, not exes!). You could also reflect on the irony of your church (in the wider sense ie NZ-wide) supporting in the social justice area a government which has systmatically dismantled "traditional family values" through its social engineering agenda, and which has whether by unintended consequence or design actually created an underclass. However, if you did, I suspect that future invitations might be few and far between.

Anonymous said...

You probably should quote the Bible:

Nation shall not lift up sword
against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.(Isaiah 2:4)

And you should urge the unemployed - along with your unemployed journalist friend - Fairfax - to get a job.

You should pray for all those -like Fairfax - who are afraid of their own shadows - afraid of Muslims in dark clothes. Even us Jews are not so afraid. Heaven help us if 'men' like him are all that is left to defend us.