Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Energy campaigns a few weeks away as government finally wakes up to power crisis

Energy Minister David Parker, the man pushing for the Emissions Trading Scheme, is finally taking threat of winter power blackouts seriously.
The Dominion-Port reports the hydro lakes are low on water and Granny Herald says wind is little use.
The country is just few weeks away from a major 'save power' campaign for consumers, but already major industrial users like the Tiwai aluminium smelter have already cut back power use.
The industry also launched a website outlining the current threat to power supplies and a mothballed power station at New Plymouth has been recommissioned in response to tightening supplies.
Anyway, after initially dismissing the threats to our winter power supplies as a National Party beat-up it is good to see the government finally taking the matter more seriously.
Indeed, Liarbour has been widely condemned by the industry over the matter of planning for dought and thwarting plans for new power plants. But obviously more action is needed here.
We don't want a repeat of the early 1990s nor I'm sure Dear Leader does not want a repeat of Monday when a power failure left the Beehive and surrounds in the dark.
More importantly, extra generation capacity is needed to help keep fuel prices down.
It would also help prevent a loss of industrial users to overseas should business judge kiwi power supplies to be too unreliable.


Barnsley Bill said...

The same govt wankers who were playing the crisis down just a few weeks ago.
A big fuck off power cut would be disastrous for labour and the Greens right now.
You can bet all their arses are on suck right now praying for rain in the south island.

ISeeRed said...

Why is a country like New Zealand, blessed with rivers, geothermal, coal and natural gas, running out of power? Again, when will people wake up?

Barnsley Bill said...

The RMA, the Greens and the fact that the govt have strip mined cash from the SOE power companies to pay for the doubling of govt expenditure we have seen over the tenure of this regime.
Why do left wing governments always leave the cupboard bare?

Anonymous said...

We're already in a power crisis!

High value exporting industries are already cutting their output so that labour voters who don't even pay for power can keep running their playstations and TVs

NZ's power priorities used to be:
* ensuring internationally competitive power prices for exporting industries
* ensuring security of supply for exporting industries
* ensuring reasonably priced power for small businesses and households
* providing domestic power to people who can't even be bothered to pay for it

Under Labour, the legal regieme is completely the reverse.