Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Electoral Finance Act backfires on Liarbour (again!!)

I had to laugh when I read that the budget press releases did not contain the phrase 'Labour-led government' because it might have broke the Electoral Finance Act.
Now, I hear Bill English has just pointed out that by that reasoning the Dept of Internal Affairs is breaking the law, with the Beehive website. The site contains statements aimed at encouraging people to vote Labour.
But , as David Farrar notes, it goes beyond that.
Whale Oil has heard that Labour Head Office has ordered over a dozen Labour Party websites to be taken down as they are breaking the law.
Thus, we say goodbye to Young Labour, Rainbow Labour,Pete Hodgson, Russell Fairbrother,Martin Gallagher ,Winnie Laban,Brendon Burns ,David Cunliffe,Labour North Auckland,Steve Chadwick,Mahara Okeroa,Tim Barnett .
Oh what delicious irony that once more catches out Liabour. Hoist by it's own petard once more. As Nelson says in the Simpsons, hah!hah!!
UPDATE: Wednesday's Dom-Post has the websites story and the Press releases story.
What a silly bunch of tossers Liarbour are to devise a law leading to farcical situations like this. But you reap what you sow!


ZenTiger said...

This is ridiculous. I would almost feel sorry for them, except that they:

1. Rushed the legislation through and were excessively hasty.
2. Defined a narrow terms of reference
3. Failed to address many of the concerns outlined in the first sets of submissions
4. Said the "law of common sense" would prevail, but Parliament's job is to define well considered laws, rather than allowing subjective interpretations.
5. Ridiculed the concerns of the people genuinely protesting against the way this law was constructed.
6. Lied about their reasons, in that it ultimately didn't address issues around anonymous donations and parallel campaigning.
7. Showed hypocrisy by adjusting the rules to allow Owen Glenn to donate money to Labour after the initial draft might exclude foreign nationals/residents.
8. Set arbitrary spending limits that had no meaningful bearing on the current advertising costs.
9. Have a history for disregarding and abusing access to tax payer funds for political advertising, which were not part of this bill.
10. Ultimately, the motivation for this bill was more about their desire to limit opposition campaigns as opposed to a genuine aim to improve information access for *voters*.

So take down those web sites Labour, and think long and hard about what the process of making good, timeless laws that serve the interests of New Zealanders, needs to be.

Anonymous said...

Running an unauthorised website is a corrupt practice --- five years inside

If I steal your car, I have committed a crime.
If I give the car back, I've still committed the exact same crime.
If I say I'm sorry, I've still committed the crime.

Running an unauthorised webside is a corrupt practice --- five years inside

Anonymous said...

It is marvellous to see Liarbore hoist by their own petard, exposed for their own incompetence and hypocricy.
What utters fools they are.
ha! ha! ha!