Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The curious case of Trevor Loudon and Barry Hussein Obama

Many times I have blogged about the unfitness of Barry Hussein Obama for office.
Blogs like Little Green Footballs often run stories pointing out Obama's extreme leftism, his inexperience, his weaknesses on foreign policy, that he may be muslim, etc, etc.
Few Kiwis have followed up such allegations, particularly the MSM.
But Trevor Loudon of New Zeal has often posted on Obama's unfitness for office, and he has obviously done some research himself.
Nonetheless, after perusing LGF yesterday afternoon, I was somewhat surprised, while digging up some anti-Obama content, to come across a reference to Trevor Loudon , where he comments about the would-be president.
"He's a member of an organization (that is) openly a front for two socialist groups," reported another participant, Trevor Loudon.

No wonder Trevor hasn't commented on his blog for several weeks.
He must be in America and is obviously doing a bit of research to help save us from Obama, by associating with groups like America's Survival.
In the article, a Washington Post journalist reports the following:
Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:
That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.
That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.
That while serving as a state senator, he was a member of a socialist front group.
That his affiliations are so dodgy that he would have trouble getting a government security clearance.
That there is reason to doubt his "loyalty to the United States."
True, the article dismisses the allegations as 'implausable' , but there is a growing mountain of evidence on Obama's extremism, etc, etc.
Indeed, the liberal left media have often slavishly followed the Obama line even to the point of psychophancy.
This week, Hillary Clinton faced uproar over speculating about Obama getting shot JFK-syle. But amid the outrage, the media forgot Michelle Obama made such speculation herself months ago.
There was the well-worn outrage from the left at the right for referring to Obama's muslim middle name Hussein, but it was discovered Obama had referred to his middle name in speeches too.
There was also outrage from Obamaphiles at suggestions from the right that their savour may be muslim. Then, in a recent column, the New York Times called him an apostate (a former muslim) and wondered whether this might cause Obama trouble when visiting the Middle East as President.
What might be seen as smear or dirt could well be true, whether it is discovered by the right, or Hillary Clinton's campaign team.
The issue is for the media to do their duty and investigate such allegations, just as they do when Republicans have dodgy beliefs, pasts and connections.
Otherwise the media will continue to loose further credibility, as people then have to turn to articles like this concerning Obama's links to communism.
Indeed, the Republicans are starting to ask questions, with campaign ads like this and this, even if they remain restrained so far, compared to the VRWC.
Nontheless, the Republicans are already linking Obama to he soft, wimpish policies of former US President Jimmy Carter. His appeasement led to the appearance of the Mullahs in Iran and Carter is radical Islam's friend.
As for Obama, there is still much more to be discovered and reported by the MSM.
Pity I got sidetracked with making dinner and letting a mate use the laptop for several hours, as it might have been me, not David Farrar, breaking the Trevor Loudon story.
I only hope Trevor can deliver the goods to save the world from an Obama presidency.
And if you are reading this Trevor, there are still a few things we need to know about Dear Leader. Ian Wishart was unable to prove anything either way :)
Just one other thing, here's another LGF story. Obama has links to corruption by the Chicago Teamsters Union.

UPDATE: Not PC offers fine backgrounder on Trevor gaining global recognition and an invite to Washington for his work on Obama.


Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Barry will never be president!

The thing we must all remember is that Barry is far to the "right" of even ACT NZ

Barry is
* pro nuclear power and nuclear war
* pro troops in Afghanistan; in favour of only slow withdrawls from Iraq
* pro guns
* anti drugs
* Churchgoing (albeit liberal)
* pro health vouchers
* pro education vouchers

again, Barry is to the RIGHT of ACT

which just shows how skewed NZ's politics are, and why it is quite likely a permanent realignment to the right is well due in NZ


I hope Barry never gets to be president too.
Hopefully, Trevor Loudon and others like him will expose Obama for the left wing etremist he is, even if he might be right by Kiwi standards.
Anyway, well done Trevor.

Anonymous said...

Hat's off to Trevor Loudon for revealing the muslim-born messiah as a secret socialist, a closet comie, as it were.
Pity Shrillary won't be the candidate, but nonetheless, I am sure McCain can beat whoever the Donkey Demo-rats choose.