Friday, May 23, 2008

Cullen's Last Stand II

Firstly, we should all give thanks that finally it is Cullen's last budget.
We will never again have to watch that smug little ...... pontificate on our destiny.

Secondly, he was dragged to the taxcut table like a mangy dog to the vets.

One wonders what this country would be like today if this had been his first budget 9 years ago instead of his last.

Maybe tens of thousands of hard working Kiwi's wouldn't have sort economic refuge in Australia.
Maybe Kiwi's wouldn't be paying 20% interest on $12billion to the credit card companies.
Maybe $billions of low grade government spending wouldn't have occured.
Maybe people would have more of their mortgages paid off
Maybe we wouldn't be down the OCED ladder and trying to dig a cellar for them.

There is no vision in this budget, just a pathetic attempt to try and buy a few votes.
A bankrupt budget from a morally bankrupt government.

This Labour government has done it's best to break the Kiwi spirit.
But we are stronger than that.


dad4justice said...

Custard Kullen's last stand against the huge kiwi onslaught that badly want his caustic sullen neck strung from a large tree.

Clunking Fist said...

Lou, where you put ......
Can I please have a "U"
And a "C"
Also a "T"
And finally a "N"