Friday, May 30, 2008

Benson-Pope solicits all offers

It seems if David Benson-Pope names his price, Winston might just give Labour what they want: 5% for the Poodle.

Labour MP David Benson-Pope says he would consider standing for another party if he was approached...

Asked in an interview on Radio Dunedin if he would consider standing for New Zealand First or the Greens, he said: "I would think about it, if it were to happen....

It's called political prostitution. PSB should know all about that.

Let's look at the machinations: Labour gives Winston 2% in the latest poll via their Budget and $100 million bucks in return for him taking on PSB as Dunedin South candidate for NZ1st.

Who' screwing who here?


pdm said...

Peters and Benson Pope should gell well. Both are devious liars who think of only themselves.

God forbid they should finish up still in Parliament and in the same party.

This crap is where MMP lets the country down.

Inventory2 said...

Benson-Pope batting for the other team - hmmmmmmmmm


IV2, and there me seeing such comments from Gooner sounding like Panty Slut Boy was some kind of prostitute.
But you could be right too.
I must check Investigate to see if there was any suggesting of him batting for both teams.