Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Artful Roger

Just got home from an ACT Party knees up in a pub at Albany. There was an excellent turn out - eighty to a hundred people.

Sir Roger was the guest speaker and this was the first time I had seen him speak, in the flesh. He was very good. Clear, simple, straight forward and logical yet with considerable emotive appeal. A consummate salesman with a good message.

He looked fit, energetic and keen.

Adolf was introduced to the assembly as the National Party's spy.

I was so pleased to hear The Great Man eschew that awful slogan ACT used last time round. Do you remember it? 'Let's Keep National Honest.' No wonder they got people's backs up. Implying your mates are dishonest is not the most intelligent way to court them as a coalition partner. The new slogan is much better - 'Lets be There to Make a Difference.' Much more friendly.

Adolf has said many times before that the best possible outcome for New Zealand would be a National, ACT, Maori Party coalition with over sixty percent of the party vote between them. Nothing he has seen or heard lately causes this view to change.

Then you'd get some policy. Then you'd get some real change for the better.

I'll happily wear out a bit of she leather to give them a hand.



Sir Roger has a great way of explaining things in very simple terms.
They sound like sensible ideas not dogma, when it says it in front of a few people.
I certainly hope Act can get its message across. And the party is busting with policy idea.
I agree with you about the 'Keeping National Honest' line.
The two parties should work side by side where they can to defeat the common enemy- Liarbour,the Greens and Winston First.
But obviously, the higher the party vote ACT, the more MPs it can have, and influence the direction of a Key-led government.
One final thing, I was truck by the size of te turn out tonight.
The gathering was just for the North Shore.
Obviously party support is higher than it might first seem and the party faithful, under Rodney and Roger are in fine spirits and are raring to go.

emmes said...

National, ACT, Maori Party
Yes , Yes , WTF????????

ISeeRed said...

Thanks for that account, fairfacts. Wish I could've been there, but I'm an ex-pat yearning to come home. Yes, emmes, race-based politics is the last place we want to go as a nation. We've already travelled too far down that path.

ISeeRed said...

And a great name for this entry, too, fairfacts! The "Artful Roger" indeed. Roger that! We need a good Rogerin-, oh wait.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Iseered, credit where credit is due. There's not much diffrence between the Maori race and the Union race, you know.

Anonymous said...

the best possible outcome for New Zealand would be a National, ACT, Maori Party coalition

The best possible outcome would be an ACT majority government with 70% of he vote, with National opposition on 30%.