Sunday, April 27, 2008

Union boss attacks Liabour on lack of taxcuts

In one of those flying pig moments, we see a union leader attacking Liarbour over the lack of taxcuts.
EPMU boss Andrew Little has slammed Cullen for "dithering" over taxcuts.
One week the government was saying the cuts would take place this year, and then the next week it was suggesting they would be next year.
"People are looking for some sort of relief now. People need it, and the government should understand that very clearly."

The comments come as the EPMU also backing National over John Key's fibre-to-the-home plan.
Now, please remind me, which political party Andrew Little was meant to aspire to be its president.
Or is is just a 'red herring' and Little is now finding Key's National Party muc more amenal and discredited than Helen's tired old bunch of socialists. Perhaps he ha noted his own members fleeing from Liabour in droves.
Perhaps, if the EPMU is allowed to register as a third party under the EFA, it might be working against Liarbour rather than with it!


Psycho Milt said...

Well, that's an interesting thougtht. Completely wrong, but interesting.

I don't think Labour will be losing any sleep worrying workers will suddenly decide to vote completely against their own interests, after all.

Look at it this way - even if a union did start backing National, it wouldn't take much of the resulting Nat govt's efforts to lower our "labour costs," ie the wages of the people who don't vote National, to drive them back to Labour again. Workers don't have a lot of options for which political party to support - Labour may be shafting them, but the alternative is to get shafted worse.

Tane said...

PM, I wouldn't read too much into your right-wing comrades' analysis.

There isn't a union in the country that will back National this election.


Just as there's barely a business that will back Liarbour!

Clunking Fist said...

"completely against their own interests"
Yeah, cos Liarbore has delivered improved hospitals, lower interest rates, better educated workforce, rearmed the army, made the trains run on time, etc.

If National is so "Labour-lite" why would it be too much of a change from the current lot?
Maybe they would be BETTER OFF with less money thrown at earth day events, funding dubious social research, buying the railways (psycho please explain how that will help the country), populace re-programming, the families commission (how DID families cope in grandmamas day? Oh, that's right, they were taught things at school, not least the consequences of being a lazy bastard) etc.

"Labour may be shafting them, but the alternative is to get shafted worse."

I think you mean, "liarbore are shafting them in a sneaky, slow, underhand way by building up Debts/Programmes-Of-Mass-Destruction and a sense of entitlement?.
It's a bit like saying National will shoot you dead, when Liarbore is busy poisoning your tea with radioactive substances that will get you, but slower and more painfully.

Anonymous said...

I expect Andrew Little to go a long way in the Labour party.