Tuesday, April 29, 2008

State-run media talks recession

What's happening at our state-run tv station?

First, there was Guyon Espiner, only a day late, noting the arrival of those new government limos as Kiwis increasingly struggle to pay their bills.

Of course, guess who was pictured first in a limo, but Helen's esteemed handbag and consort, Judith Tizard MP.

But what followed next, was remarkable.

The whole of Close-Up focussing on on hard times in New Zealand, which the programme noted was also hitting middle-New Zealand.

Shoppers were moaning about big bills, the car dealers were suffering, mortgagee sales are on the up. Only the repo man was doing well.

Have we really come to this when for years Liarbour trumpeted its own economic successful and 'skilful' handling of the economy?

The issue gave Mark Sainsbury a chace to dive into something meaty, which he obviously enjoyed, particularly when two 'experts' were wheeled in- some woman from a parenting organisation and economist Gareth Morgan.

Morgan blamed much strife on individuals spending too much and getting into debt. His opponent raised rising food and fuel causes as the main causes of current suffering, even for those with little or no debt.

Now, I hope Cullen and Dear Leader were listening, but both agreed tax cuts would offer better help than increased welfare. And this on TV1!

Even the closing music from swing singer David Campbell sounded positively 30's Depression era!


Barnsley Bill said...

I watched close up tonight for the first time in months. What is going on at the state broadcaster? They have clearly come to the decision that they will have a blue managing minister by the end of the year.
A bit of a shame that GM was not following the script but a real kick in the teeth for harry and her team all the same.

Anonymous said...

They're hoping to keep their jobs, hoping that Key won't sell 'em all of to FOX NEWS.

But does anyone think that NZ needs state-controlled TV and radio any more?

of course not; and I can't want to hear the TVNZ and RadioSocialism news reports annouce not only that they've been sold, but also that broadcasts cease at midnight!