Saturday, April 26, 2008

Six of the best for Dear Leader

A deliciously delightful serving of six spankings for Dear Leader from the Saturday papers.

1- Fairfax Poll in the Dominion Post having National 18% in front.

2- The same poll reporting one in ten Kiwis eyeing up Aussie. So on top of the growing kiwi exodus which the Double Standard was playing down this week, we see Kiwis increasingly considering the ultimate act by voting with their feet against Dear Leader and her government.

3- A scathing and sarcastic editorial against Liarbour in today's Dom-Post.

Granny Herald also praises John Key.

4- Colin James noting how John Key is taking the lead and is a man of the future by promoting broadman while Liarbour is the party of the past, wanting instead to buy back rail.

5- Fran O'Sullivan says Key's safety first leadership is paying off, though he needs to show more leadership to defeat Clark and reverse the country's continuing decline.

6- And Liarbour wouldn't be Liarbour without a bit of corruption within a ministry- this time Immigration.

Happy ANZAC Weekend Helen!


Inventory2 said...

Just as well that corporal punishment isn't banned in the blogosphere! As I've noted on Keeping Stock, that's four polls in a week now with Labour's support ranging from a high of 38% to a low of 34% - put simply, Labour is being rejected by 2/3rds of the electorate. And as winter kicks in with food and fuel prices going through the roof and the spectre of power shortages looms, I can't see Labour's level of support improving much.

Anonymous said...

Well blogged... but what a revolting photograph!