Thursday, April 24, 2008

The reality of an Obama presidency

While Right Wing bloggers, including myself on a good day, have demonized Barack Obama as a Muslim-raised, tax and spend socialist extremist in bed with Islamic terrorists, we have heard little from the Mainstream Media other than adulation of the Black Messiah.
However, the Wall Street Journal has presented a fine view of what Obama's America might look like. It does not sound a wonderful place and it will have implications for the rest of us.
"He promises higher taxes, more regulation, less trade and less opportunity,".says columnist Pete Du Pont.
Du Pont expects theDemocrats to increase their majorities in both houses "and that will result in a broad-reaching, socialist-leaning, greatly expanded American government."

"Four significant public policy changes are certain: the size, scope and spending of the federal government will substantially expand; income taxes will go up; protectionism will replace free trade; and a commitment to global internationalism will saddle America with a broad Kyoto global warming agreement that, according to the U.N. Climate Treaty Secretariat, should exempt China and India.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proposed increasing annual federal spending, respectively, by $226 billion and $303 billion – the Obama total being about a 10% increase. Neither of them as president would likely limit any spending – not entitlements, not earmarks, not farm subsidies."
Recent taxcuts from George Bush have helped create growth and they will be reversed.
"He is indeed a redistributionist," said blogger and Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan.
Obama is also a protectionist, policies which caused the 30s Depression.
He also supports laws ending conservative talk back radio, nuclear power and the opening of new coal-fired power stations. Trade Unions would also gain sweeping new powers.
"With such policies, we would be a far more regulated, far less prosperous nation offering far less opportunity. The 23% of Americans who identify themselves as liberals may applaud, but for the rest of us it would be an unfortunate outcome."
Former Bush advisor Karl Rove also reviews Obama's latest performance against Hillary Clinton in the Wall Street Journal and not surprisingly is unimpressed with either.
First, he says of Clinton:
"The Democratic Party has two weakened candidates. Mrs. Clinton started as a deeply flawed candidate: the palpable and unpleasant sense of entitlement, the absence of a clear and optimistic message, the grating personality impatient to be done with the little people and overly eager for a return to power, real power, the phoniness and the exaggerations. These problems have not diminished over the long months of the contest. They have grown. She started out with the highest negatives of any major candidate in an open race for the presidency and things have only gotten worse."
And after noting Obama's links with his extrmist preacher, his inability to connect with working-class America, his failure to lead in Congress, and his constant whining.
"No one likes a whiner, and his old-style attacks undermine his appeals for postpartisanship.
Mr. Obama is near victory in the Democratic contest, but it is time for him to reset, freshen his message and say something new. His conduct in the last several weeks raises questions about whether, for all his talents, he is ready to be president", Rove conludes.
Finally, don't ask Obama about the Middle East. As ABC News reported, he will reply:
UPDATE: Obama campaign collects from dead people.


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck cares?

It will be McCain!

WAKE UP said...

Don't be complacent, Anonymous - while the Left's theories and inaction are finally being overtaken by reality (and boy, are we going to have to deal with that!) both here and in USA (I wish Europe would catch up), don't underestimate the potentail lashes of the dying snake's tail. It's gonna get very ugly out there before they're sent packing.

WAKE UP said...

As Geraldine Ferraro said of Obama: a white guy with this thin a resume would be hooted off the stage.