Monday, April 28, 2008

Look what the Ministers received today!

As tales of hardship dominate today's newspapers and tv, look what arrived for our government officials and ministers.
Such great timing eh!
At least the first passenger was the President of Singapore. We could hardly pick him up in an old Holden.
At least Dear Ledaer was spared the ignomy of being the first official passenger.
But , as we enjoy ever higher food and fuel bills, its great to see our tax dollars being spent wisely :)


KG said...

Reminds me of those failed African thugocracies, with the elites driving around in Mercedes limos with tinted windows.
Mirrored shades and an armed guard, and we're there!

monty said...

Brilliant - just as the current batch of corrupt pricks who make up the minister of the Labour Government get used to the cars, they will be swiped away to be given to the incoming National Party Ministers.

Clunking Fist said...

They should've gone with the euro plates: all those screwholes just look silly. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

as I thought the dumbarses bought the poverty pack models so they will depreciate like hell Still will be a bargain when they go thru the disposal auction


Anonymous said...

And on the news we see Judith Lizard slinking out of the new beemer, big grin on her bludging ministerial face.
What does this woman actually do?