Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Liarbour trying to buy votes with our money, again!

Ah, election time is approaching and what does Liarbour do?, but ramp up government spending on advertisements!
In March 2008, government departments spent $8 million on advertising, some $2 million or 33% more than last year.
I'm sure there will be many ads to come and as well as ads for Kiwisaver, I increasingly note ads for Kiwibank (are they included?) and Welcome Home Loans.
The taxpayer funded advertising of government initiatives comes as Liarbour tries to silence the opposition through the Electoral FinanceAct, while raiding the public purse.
Is it working? Certainly not if the polls are anything to go by.
Indeed, as the Electoral Commission assesses how much taxpayer funding parties should receive, Liarbour says the commission should not take polls into account, as apparantly they re not as accurate as they once were.
Liarbour fears that taking polls into account would favour National, who has conistently led in the polls for sometime. Even though, this was a policy Liarbour supported in 2005!
While the Herald notes this delicious double standard, Stuff raises another from Liarbour Party secretary Mike Smith.
Smith say the commission should account for the $100,000 or so in GST that National forgot to account for in its spending returns in setting tis year' allocation.
But obviously he forgot to mention the $800,000 or so pledge card money that Liarbour unlawfully spent in 2005, despite advice from electoral officials not to,.
If the commission accounts for that, Liarbour's unlawful spending from 2005, that would leave the party well and truly a spent force.
I do hope National raised Liarbour's unlawful spending, or aren't they quite so vindictive?


Clunking Fist said...

I'd consider that money well spent!

IF I worked in the advertising industry...

Blair said...

Ahhh... I'm getting all nostalgic now looking at those old paper notes... I've always thought the old designs were better. And they were worth more back then too. :oP