Friday, April 25, 2008 : When do we get our New Zealand edition?

Our good friends over the Tasman have suddenly found themselves with a similar problem to us Kiwis.

They have a lying , duplicitous and hypocritical Prime Minister.

Thus, a website has been created called

"This site is dedicated to exposing his lies, dishonesty, duplicity and hypocrisy.
Kevin Rudd is dishonest and insincere because he:
bare-faced lies;
distorts the truth;
duplicitous and hypocritical;
senseless policies.
Kevin Rudd is a serial liar and Australia does not deserve such a Prime Minister! Learn more about RuddSpeak

The website is not connected to the Liberals or National and its authors claim to have counted 22 bare-face lies, 8 distortions of the truth, 9 instances of hypocrisy and 5 idiotic policies.

And they still have 70 pages of data to sift through.

Indeed, columnist Andrew Bolt notes how Rudd claimed to be brimming full of ideas,prior to his election but has just held a major 2020 summitt to gather some.

Ideas that were hidden during the campaign were raised at the event such as taxes, the republic, a treaty with aborigines and bans on coal fired power stations.

Kevin Rudd indeed does lie!!

Just like our own Dear Leader.

So when do we kiwis get our own such website?

KRudd is certainly taking a leaf out of Dear Leader's book.

So many lies so soon. Australia's own equivalent of Ian Wishart won't have to wait three terms before writing the Ockers' own 'Absolute Power.'

Hat Tip: The Midnight Sun.

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dad4justice said...

What's the Ockers equivalent of that sneaky little runt Heather Simpson?