Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is 'Sir Humphrey' at Number 10?

For some weeks, like a politician eagerly awaiting the latest opinion poll, I have been awaiting the latest blog rankings from Tumeke.

Bomber and co seem a little late this month, so I thought I would have a look at the latest Alexia ratings for a guide.

Obviously Tumeke uses other factors too in their rankings, blog post numbers and comments maybe, so the rankings I obtained will differ from what Tumeke reveals in its next line up.

In the Alexia rankings I obtained this afternoon, Kiwiblog remains the firm leader at 83,878, with David Farrar clearly a part of the national fabric and did you see the TV cameras focus on him as John Key announced his broadband initiative?

Regular appearances in the Sunday papers, Pork Chop one week, Bridget Saunders the next, plus biting commentary, puts political pornographer Whale Oil in a strong second place at 165, 728.

Frogblog is third at 239,271 with Public Address apparantly slumping to fourth at 257,918 on the Alexia ranking. Former runner-up Russell Brown may have been round forever, he maybe influential , on tv and a government favourite, but can Public Address compete with the relative newcomers? It seems not.

Peter Cresswell and Not PC is number five on 300,467, with Labour lapdog blog, The Standard, sixth on 336,244. I am sure the relatively new blog has been well promoted among the labour movement and it is a good looking blog, with well argued content, even if the arguments differ to those usually found here. Tane and co have done well on taxpayer support.

The Hive, another relative newcomer and strong performer with sound postings and commentary, is at number 7, with a ranking of 401,160.

Kiwiblogblog is eighth on 512,828, with the marvellous Poneke ninth on 528,214, showing strong growth from fine postings, some of which have attracted global media attention.

No Minister is at number ten according to the Alexia rating of 567,888, hopefully better than the 13th in the latest Tumeke ratings, which were for February, and down from the 11th of previous months.

Dave Gee is now at 11 on 616, 493, followed by the well-presented and argued Tumeke on 796,199; Cactus Kate is 13th on 841,290; New Zeal 14th on 845,290 and No Right Turn, apparantly slumping fast at number 15 on 849,058.

Keeping Stock is doing well, at 16 in my table, followed by Silent Running. NZ Conservative appears not too far behind, but there may be others I have missed and don't even know about.

Of course, how accurate these rankings are, I do not really know. I guess there are other ways of assessing blogsite popularity too.

Either way, I for one await the latest Tumeke rankings with interest. And it will also be illuminating to see how the rankings change in what will be an increasingly vocal and probably bitter election campaign.


Psycho Milt said...

I stopped reading No Right Turn not long after I/S switched comments off, because I interpreted that as an invitation to fuck off.

It's nice that we're up at number 10 on the Alexia rankings. Don't think we get the comments numbers to make it that high in Tumeke's rankings though.

NB: "Tane and co have done well on taxpayer support." Feel free to support that statement with something that would elevate it above idle fantasy...

Inventory2 said...

FFM - do you have a link to the Alexia rankings? I'd be interested to see on what basis they make their rankings.

And Keeping Stock at #16? Sheesh, I'm flattered! On the Feb rankings at Tumeke, I was mid-30's - now li'l ole Inventory is, as Mikey Cullen would say, "playing with the big boys now'!!


First of all, Alexa can be found here

Just insert your own blog details in place of kiwiblog.

You maybe 16th Keepiing Stock, but I may have missed others.

Certainly I have noticed more postings and comments, which should certainly boost your rankings on the 30th or so you mention.

But like I say, there are other factorsd in the Tumeke ratings than just Alexia.

And PM, like I say, I await Tumeke's latest rankings with interest. We have attracted more comments recently than before so hopefully No Minister will rise back up the 'charts,' from our previous 13th.

Perhaps I should be even more outrageous! :)

Now, as for the Standard. There was certainly some controversy over its links to Liabour, beig hosted on its servers, etc.

Thus, it's taxpayer support is probably indirect rather than direct via the help given from the Liarbour party.

And probably doesn't amount to a huge amount anyway. But there was much controversy at the time.

Psycho Milt said...

There was much bullshit at the time, but nothing to suggest taxpayer funding of the Standard.

Gooner said...

I wish for us to be in the Top 5 so l et's work toward that goal. I would love to set us up on Wordpress or similar, functionable, system but need some time, which I don't have. I am beginning to tire of Blogger.