Friday, April 25, 2008

The Iraq Mess Worsens - For The Democrats

You don't hear much about Iraq these days, except when the armchair generals of the political left and MSM commentariat leap into print to interpret the latest positive moves as disaster. Such was their stupidity in the reporting of recent events in Basra, where PM Maliki successfully cleaned out the extremist Shiite militia and set the scene for some hugely significant political moves towards stable and lasting government.

We see the latest of those today with the major Sunni block moving back into the political mainstream. Note also a very small piece in the NYT. (Greater prominence was given to some apparent criticism of George Bush by John McCain.)

Of course these moves were the very things the defeatist Democrats were demanding as signs of success in Iraq, back when they never believed such moves could ever happen. Now that these 'benchmarks' have been met you can rely on the duplicitous, despicable Democrats and their international handmaidens to dream up a new batch of unreachable benchmarks.

It is beyond their feeble minds and moral dishonesty to admit the reality that all along George W Bush might have been right.

Had it been up to this bunch of modern day Democrats, the US would have shrugged its shoulders in December 1941 and offered to give the Japanese a free hand in the South Pacific. After all, that's in Japan's back yard, not America's, so why not just leave them to do their own thing?

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peterike said...

Well said, man. Well said.