Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ice Age ahoy! as global warming runs into a (sun) spot of bother

What delicious timing!
Dear Leader is recognised by the UN as a 'champion of the Earth' for her work in setting targets on carbon emissions.
But the reality behind the rhetoric, shows New Zealand has a worse record than George Bush and John Howard (see earlier post).
And in today's Australian newspaper, we hear an Australian-born scientist and former astronaut say because how sunspot cycles work, we could be set for a new mini Ice Age.
This, on the same day Australian business warn their carbon trading programme will cost business A$22 billion.
Now, how much was our equivalent policy going to cost? And to think, we might soon be needing carbon emissions to curb an impending ice age!
UPDATE: Gore voter debunks global warming fears, plus independent lobby group Icecap has more.


Anonymous said...

As a research scientist in New Zealand, I am shocked to see senior academics over the last 8 years jumping on the 'Global Warming' band wagon, and receiving politically directed funds which should be spent on real research, instead of PC crack pot issues.

Carbon Dioxide is NOT a greenhouse gas. Global warming from man made activities in not occurring.

Spend your tiny pathetic amounts of money wisely before we all leave NZ.

Waymad said...

I must confess to looking up Solar Cycle 24 daily: there have been few sunspots for six months now.

And when you start to connect the dots between global cooling and its effect on food supply, the recent spate of high prices in food commodities don't look so odd. Now sure, there's a lot of spooked international money chasing real 'stores of value' - precious metals and foodstuffs, as Spengler notes.

But when you connect a couple more dots:

1 - the Global Circulation Models beloved by the IPCC do not recognise solar or galactic influences
2 - the GCM's do not model clouds or precipitation, which Svensmark finds to be linked to galactic cosmic rays, which are moderated by sunspots....

the plants-respond-to-the-universe angle actually does make sense.

The upshot is, really, (gulp) that we are only just starting to understand the extent of our ignorance on the Whole Climate Thang.

Even more mortifyingly, (double gulp), perhaps the smelly hippies were right. Perhaps everything really Is connected to Everything Else.

Clunking Fist said...

Waymad, you must be, er, way mad. All that solar radiation and cosmic rays. It sounds pretty fanciful to me. Next you’ll be saying the lil’ old moon affects the tides!

david said...


Does your research institution have a chemistry lab? Ask them to use an infra-red spectrometer to measure thermal emission from a sample of Carbon Dioxide.

I am confident they will prove CO2 IS indeed a greenhouse gas. That much has been 'settled science' since the 19th century...

Clunking Fist said...

"I am confident they will prove CO2 IS indeed a greenhouse gas. That much has been 'settled science' since the 19th century..."

Sorry, no links, but I've read that the THEORY suggests that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but in practice it really isn't, as the concentrations are so low. Of course, that COULD be a lie or mistake that has cascaded down from an oil company research lab...