Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why No Comment?

If you read this morning's Herald you will see commentary from both Audrey Young and John Armstrong on the latest Herald DigiPoll which, among other things gives some brief respite to the Bilious Bitch. Prime Minister Helen Clark. Photo / Sarah Ivey.

The pieces mention that the poll was taken during and after Sir Roger Douglas's re-entry into politics which in itself gained ACT a week of wall to wall publicity. Yet these two experienced commentators make no reference at all to ACT's performance, or lack of performance, in this latest poll.

Wouldn't you think it a major news story if ACT had not improved or worse still, not registered, in spite of Sir Roger? An equally big story if they had improved?

Reading this stuff is a bit like eating a burger only to find afterwards there was no meat in it.


Anonymous said...

fair comment..

i might bang one out featuring that angle..



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I must admit I didn't see that Audrey Young did list ACT at 1.1%, up from 0.5%. Damned speed reading!

Anonymous said...

Still, ACT will be disappointed. I'm sure they were hoping to get back to 2.5 or 3% after all their publicity.

Anonymous said...

yes..their/acts' hopes of a spontaneous uprising at the sight/thoughtof 'wodger'...

..don't seem to have materialised..

(pause for a schadenfreude-moment..)



I read somewhere that some of the poll took place before ACT had its conference, so the full impact of Sir Roger's return is not yet shown in this poll.
But certainly his return has given ACT some bounce, even if not the full bounce ACT would have liked.
But there is still time for one.
And National are still at 50%, enough to govern alone.
Liarbour still have much to do if they are to deny national it's prize but talking to media friends in Auckland yesterday, Liarbour has a tough battle ahead.
One friends works in corporate PR and was moaning about the rising cost of living, paying the mortgage, growing food and fuel costs, etc, etc.
It's tough living on $100K I suppose, but I doubt this friend will be voting Labour again all the same.
"The kiwi economy is 'fucked' she said, noting Liarbour has done nothing in its nine years to help New Zealand.
Lovely country new Zealand, she says, but she might have to go to Oz to have a decent standard of living.
Another friend has his own PR agency and he too found business was tough, not enough to go round. Liarbour had failed to deliver on talk of a 'knowledge economy' that was common at the turn of the century.
He wasn't voting Liarbour either, though i doubted he ever did before.
Now, if the 'chattering classes; the mediacracy who help shape public opininion in New Zealand are on struggle street, even if they might seem comfortably off compared to most, then it won't be good for Liarbour.
All John key has to do is avoid stuffing things up.
Let's hope he can. I believe he can.
Despite recent misshaps, national still has a solid base of support.

peteremcc said...

The Herald-Digi Poll has consistently shown ACT at between 0.3-0.5% where as the Roy Morgan varies between 1%-2%.

So 0.4% to 1.1% is pretty good.
The latest Roy Morgan showed ACT at 2% so a similar jump would take ACT to 5.5%.

I think the most significant story from the Herald poll is NZ First at 1.1% and UF at 0%.