Thursday, March 27, 2008

Western wimpery before Chinese killers

Aurora over at The Midnight Sun takes the Sydney Morning Herald and 'the left' to task, not to mention 'Chinophile' Aussie PM Kevin Rudd, over China.
Yes, protests from those naughty Tibetans, look set to 'overshadow' the lighting of the Olympic torch.
Well, after our own Dear Leader was 'waiting for the facts' over the Chinese clampdown in Tibet, we now see that she might not attend the signing of a Free Trade Agreement in Beijing.
Maybe the speculation from the Hive and others about Dear Leader's future, and how she might be dumped during the 'ides of April' have much truth in them and she must cut short her overseas trip.
The Australian newspaper here, notes the lack of courage from the New Zealand and Australian governments, with other countries using stronger language against China. If all we can do is give the Chinese a telling off, it is better we do it than say little.
Now, Aurora notes the contrast between global interest in Tibet and criticism of China contrasts sharply with the attention given to Palestine and the abuse heaped on Israel. Yet, as Amnesty International notes with its totals of numbers killed, the contrast is amazing. Indeed, as well as considering this commentary from Dennis Prager, who looks at why Palestinians get more media attention than the Tibetans, look at some gruesome pics of Chinese oppression here.


Poneke said...

Um, what exactly is the photograph you have published there of? When was it taken? What were the executions apparently depicted for and who ordered them? Where was the photo taken and by whom?

Basic fair facts to help with understanding.

danyl said...

Basic fair facts to help with understanding.

You must be new around here.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't GWB sent in the Marines? Where are the precision guided munitions?

Shock and awe.

We need to get underway before the wimps get in the white house.

Fearfaux Me Dear


I don't know exactly when and where, etc.
But perhaps the Friends of Tibet can tell us.


The pic was taken from their website.

Poneke said...

Well it is nowhere obviously on their website. Can you provide a better link? I want to see the context.

You are the one who demands fair reporting, yet you publish an inflammatory photograph completely devoid of any context, apparently attempting to pass it off as the Chinese army executing Tibet protesters.

It may actually be such a photo, but it also looks a very old photo to me and could be from anywhere.


I guess I'm taking the word of Friends of Tibet here.
But it's pic number 3.

I don't see any specifics of when and where, etc.
But I am sure if you contact them, they will tell you.

Aurora said...

Poneke, you're nitpicking, you ass. FF said that they are pictures of Chinese oppression, not of particular pics of these particular protestors and you know it. Read his post again. The website says the people are Tibetans. I suppose they could be Swedish visitors to Beijing, but that would be the problem of the source. If you can't believe sources, why do you bother reading any news? When major news providers are found doctoring pics of Palestians and Israelis, how can you trust them? FF thanks for the link. Sorry to be impolite to your blog community. This kind of baseless nitpicking really irritates me.

Gooner said...

Oh, so the yanks illegally invade Iraq and hundreds of thousands of deaths ensue and that’s okay, but China does something less, and there’s a few reported deaths but it’s oppression and murder?

Poneke said...

Thanks for the link, I do appreciate it, as now I can check out their authenticity.

Aurora said...

Poneke, here's another one...but this one makes the other one look tame:

Gooner, check the figures on the tens of millions of people that the Communist Government of China has murdered since its inception. If you find those figures trivial, you've been sipping too many lattes in your little socialist haunts with your PC mates. Maybe you should try reading something other than the Marxist Manifesto and all its spawned, fashionable propaganda.


Aurora, Gooner is usually on our side. He is not a lefty.
He is a leading light in the free-market ACT Party.
Gooner has just 'gone wobbly' on the Iraq issue for some reason.
I think we all devaite from the true path from time to time.

I am cocnerned about Poneke though. He is a centrist but it was worrying that he seemed to doubt the veracity of the Tibeten torture pics and give the Killer Chinese the benefit of the doubt.
There again, Poneke might also turn his attention to the fauxtograhpy shots that sometimes crop up in the Middle East.

Poneke said...

FF, yes I do doubt the veracity of these photos and yes I was very down on the faked anti-Israel pix I think you refer to.

I doubt the alleged Tibet pix because I do not think the Chinese would have allowed a photographer to walk around taking photos of Tibetan protesters being executed. I have not even seen claims that such executions took place in the riots last week.

I had a friend translate the sign on the truck and it says "Criminal Unit." It is possible the scene is of convicted criminals being executed, which was done in public and was done by a shot in the back of the neck.

I think any form of state executions of citizens for any reason is barbaric and I totally oppose it, however again I need to say I suspect these photos are for propaganda and may not be what you believe they seem to be.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gooner, would you care to explain in what way the coalition invasion of Iraq was illegal? I didn't know you were a member of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Look, whilst it is/was terrible what Saddam did to his people and what Mao and others did to his/theirs, I don't support one country using force to impose its ideological beliefs on others. I actually support state autonomy. Now the geopolitical situation in China/Tibet and for that matter China/Taiwan may be complex but using force is only justified when a state is under imminent threat. So China using force in Tibet is wrong just as the US using force in Iraq is.


Poneke said...

I can't speak for Gooner, but the American-led invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law. One country cannot just invade another country to overthrow its government, no matter how bad that government.

By contrast, the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, which overthrew one of the most repugnant, barbaric regimes on the face of the planet, was legal and had the full sanction of the UN Security Council.

Legal also was the US-led ousting of Iraq from Kuwait after Iraq illegally invaded it. Bush Snr stopped the chase at the border when he drove Saddam's troops out, because though he could have gone all the way to Baghdad then and ousted the regime, it would have been an illegal act under international law.

You might think international law sucks if it prevents your side doing what you want it to, but it is there for a purpose and it has been agreed to by everyone who belongs to the UN.