Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unmitigated Crap

The Herald should pull it's head in. This piece of crocodile tears journalism is the pits.

For fuck's sake, what on earth is a ninety year old doing mortgaging her home in order to buy an investment property? No prudent or responsible lender would have advanced such a loan.

Did the stupid bitch think she was going to live to be one hundred and ten years old?

Adolf sincerely hopes that Mark Bryers and the rest of the duplicitous crooks who ran BlueChip go to jail but he has absolutely no sympathy for this family, whose members simply threw all normal prudence out the door in the face of insatiable greed.



The stupid greedy 90-year-old tart.
She should be content with what she has got and spending her wealth on cruises, enjoying life and giving it away to her kids and gard kids.

Barnsley Bill said...

this has ended as many of us predicted. bryers will be off overseas soon to be reunited with the many millions he has made

Anonymous said...

but adolf..

'greed is good' has been the ethos these last decades..

the 'bubble-building-years'..

(she only believed the bullshit 'financial advisers' were handing out wholesale..

that 90 yr olds were scammed/conned by these thieving bastards..

isn't really reason for abusing it..?

btw..under which rock did you find (bullshit)'facts' media..?

he never fails to 'lower' himself..

does he..?


and anyway adolf..

for months you have been full of shit with my prognistations of economic gloom 'n doom..

can i expect a retraction from you anytime soon..?

and i see iraq is going 'swimmingly'

why have all your 'victory is nigh' stories dried up..?

and did the closure of all exxon-mobil funded climate-change denial groups dry up your sources for those stories too..?

gee adolf..!

maybe it'd be quicker if you told us what you have been 'right' about..

over the past years..


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB, It's possible there are no 'many millions'stashed overseas. My observations are that he is an 'entrepreneur' with little real management ability. There were constant board room battles between Bryers and more prudent managers. The place was top heavy with so called senior executives, many drawing salary and bonus packages well over $200k.

It would not surprise me if the money was simply frittered away, all for the sake of an insatiable ego and foreskin.

As for phil - well of course he'd like nothing better than for Islamofascists to have their way in Iraq. He's also hoping like hell there'll be another 1930s depression. He'll die waiting for both to happen. In the meantime his loopy liberal mates in the US are seeing to it that the next President is a Republican.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh BTW- when BlueChip finally realised the need to down size, their headquarters became known as 'The Departure Lounge.'

20th floor in Qantas House.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are wrong in the exaample as well.
$1,000,000 @ 8.8% int only is $7333.33 per month cost. I presume the units are rented so say 5% nett return (but I note rents have risen) which is $4166.67 per month leaving a shortfall of $3166.66.
Still Bryers should be castrated but would be nice if the MSM got their facts right.

Phil, you are a fuck wit who patently knows nothing about finance or money.

Anonymous said...

i don't do 'potty-humour'

'fuck wit'..



it's not about me adolf..

it's about you..

and how you are guaranteed..

to be 'wrong'..




Phil , me old sausage, we posted a few victory in Iraq stories just last week.
I am sure we can find another for you.

Clunking Fist said...

loucpwrxI have sympathy for the family... enough to say that I'm sure my tax dollars will be put to good use paying accommodation supplement on top of her National Super.
It just goes to show that lack of economic knowledge weighs against people when they try their hand at investment. I’m sure this will be ammunition for Nanny-Statists, “leave it to us, trust the gummint” etc. Thankful, Dr Sullen has partially privatised pensions, so that’ll make it harder!
Folk often get a garage or the AA to look over a car they are considering buying. People buying a home for their family often get a builder to look over their intended purchase. Perhaps folk should go and pay for an hour with an accountant or a solicitor, to look over intended investments…

Barnsley Bill said...

From 2002 to 2005 whilst we were still based in Auckland I received numerous offers to go and work with Blue Chip. These offers came from people I had worked with and people who had worked for me in Telecommunications over the previous decade.
To a man these people were making in excess of 20k per month. I looked very hard at the commission model and sales plan. I was unable to see the flaw (from the sales persons perspective)but could see that a slowing of the property market and a rise in interest rates would see this business fail.
The reason for my reticence and ultimate rejection was the money they were earning. Our business was returning similar amounts to us but we were working very hard and had invested significant amounts in staff and systems.
These salepeople on the other hand were working limited hours and the sole investments were in suits and leases on big cars. coupled with the fact that none of them were particularly bright my misgivings were allowed to dominate the decision making process.
If a deal is too good to be true IT ALWAYS IS.
I have very little sympathy for the victims of this massive scam, in fact I will undoubtedly profit from the inevitable crash that Blue chip has ensured will be more brutal than it might have otherwise been.
The problem is twofold.
1.Kiwi's are generally very stupid and greedy.
2. There are no rules in this country, the stock exchange is the wild west (see PLS for an example) and until recently Alan Bond could have appointed himself as an investment adviser.
The Blue chip reps were SALES PEOPLE not investment advisers.

Adolf, nobody could be so stupid as too not have accumulated many millions with so much money passing through their hands.
You can guarantee that Bryers has got a mountain of cash and assets squirreled away. Lucky for him this is NZ, so other than sleeping with one eye open for the rest of his life he will be free from official punishment for the rest of his life.