Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Have All Australians

"I've been f**ked by a wombat" screamed the poor pissed bastard over the phone after he had dialled 111. He tried 901 but nothing happened.

All Australians are in the process of being f**cked by a wombat - one which speaks Mandarin.

You see, dear readers, Helen Clark is right. The trans Tasman traffic is not one way. We receive an inflow of quality people from across the ditch, doncha know?

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I remember as a kid there was a tv show called Not the nine O'Clock News.
It was a satirical programme always poking fun at people in the news.
It once produced an annual called Not 1982.
Inside were some choice phrases inj foreign languages.
One was 'meine veutelmouse hat verstopfen' or something.
Soon after i went to a German speaking country, possibly Australia or switzerland, so I kept saying it in public.
Yes, I got some funny looks.
Apparantly it means 'my wombat is constiptaed.'

Anyway, kiwis have been raped too this past nine years.
By blood sucking vampires!