Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Simple Matter of Timing

Adolf rises between 0515 and 0530 and after a quick scan of the headlines embarks on his pre-breakfast seven km route march.

This morning he awoke and saw the time was 0555 so he leapt out and without looking at the papers set off into the sunrise. While the moon was exceptionally bright, somehow the sunrise just didn't seem to be where it should.

When I got home sevent minutes later, I realised the bloody burmese cat had stomped on the clock and put it forward one hour. I was actually out walking at 0500.


Clunking Fist said...

Hmmm, my new computer cannot be dealing with NZ daylight saving, so I keep working longer hours than necessary.
My boss thinks it's great and is planning to buy new computers for all staff.


What wakes me up on these long sunny days is daylight and the uselessness of blinds in keeping it out.
This was a particular problem when I lived in one apartment in the CBD, I recall, and an issue with my current abode in Silverdale today.
When I lived in Waiwera last year, the older apartment was kitted out with thick curtains which were very effective.
Thus, I was able to sleep much better and I was much more refreshed and productive.
Lately i have been falling asleep just after 9pm and if i do not I am very tired the next day.
So considering how negatively blinds affect one's sleeping patterns with knock on effects on work and lifestyle, why are blinds all the rage nowadays.
I don't think they are that stylish either!

Anonymous said...

Walking is for pussies and walking in the wee hours is pathetic and creepy. Waddya do, peek through the neighbours windows to get the heart rate above fat-burning?

On top of that you have a Burmese mozzy, er, pussy? Fuck that, a Burmese rug is worth having, but a friggin puffball cat is worse than a Paris Hilton pocket doggy!

For a tough talking reactionary, in view of the above you come off (no pun intended) as Ranapia lite.

Psycho Milt said...

If Adolf wants to give you your marching orders, anonymous fuckwit, I'm backing him 100%. Do we come round to your place and piss in the corners? Fuck off.

Clunking Fist said...

Yipes, you must get up late FFM. I rise at 6, and its bloody dark. It's still not-very-light when I catch the bus at 7.

Cue violins.