Monday, March 31, 2008

President Gore! The Dummicrats new solution!

Speculation is mounting in the USA that Al Gore may called in to run as the Democratic presidential candidate- either that or he steps in to stop the continuing destruction between Hussein Obama and Shrillary.
The UK Sunday Telegraph takes up the theme that appears to have started late last week when Time columnist Joe Klein speculated on the role of the Superdelegates.
These seem to be unelected party grandees who will have the final say should the primaries produce no clear outcome.
They could well call in on Al Gore as a compromise candidate between the two warring factions.
Or it could be Al Gore who tells Shrillary to back off and swing the Democrats behind Hussein Obama, power he reportedly does not want to use.
An Gore-Obama ticket is being openly touted.
But is Al Gore really the Democrats' saviour?
Either way, Al Gore seems the perfect compromise candidate for the Democrats.
Like Hillary Clinton, he is a proven liar, with his Inconvenient Truth shown to be full of lies.
And like Obama, he has connections to a dodgy religion: Gorebull Warming hysteria!
And with other problems it yet may bring, like the votes cast that meant for nothing, a Gore candicacy could be yet more good news for the Republicans!

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WAKE UP said...

Unbelievable, I thought the Democrats would have got it by now. Read my lips: Al Gore is a Big Fat Loser. He was handed the previous election on plate by Clinton and proceeded to destroy all of that advantage (Florida had almost nothing to do with the result, Gore should have been miles ahead). Not that any of this matters; Obama is just an Al Gore in blackface anyway. Best solution would be to let them both run in tandem and put them both out of their misery in one hit.