Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pathetic Drivel

"Battle of The Bitches" was a tempting headline but Adolf is far too mildly mannered. "McManus Writes Drivel" might have been better.

This waste of newsprint tells us that Jenni McManus considers a person who plays golf once a month is living the high life. Good God, woman. Do you live in Invercargill? Most people I know play golf once a week and those with single figure handicaps play twice a week or more.

What about the man's cars, his favorite restaurants, his overseas holidays, his hand tailored suits, his viagra supplier, his art collection, his $100+ bottles of vintage wine, all the other brothels he visits or possibly owns?

Naaah. The real scandal is the thieving bastard plays golf once a month.

What a vapidly useless journalist. All she did was ring up the Remuera Golf Club and talk to some silly bastard (who now will lose his job) into blabbing about the dates on which a couple of members play golf.

If you want to get the real oil on Bryers there's only one place to go. The NZ Herald. I'm told their Anne Gibson has 'had it in for Bryers' for at least five years.

Compared with Gibson, as bitches go, McManus is an entry level Girl Guide.


Inventory2 said...

Speaking of crap journalism and cheerleading for the government, did anyone else see 3News's effort last night?


I thought tbooking out the brothel was far more significant.
Maybe that's an angle for the Truth to explore.
Such a waste of money indeed.
Aren't kiwi chicks known for giving it aay.
I'm sure if he was buying the champagne, there's be no shortage of totty for him.

Speaking of Anne Gibson, I see she has been supplying copy from the US. Looks like she has bewen rewarded with a Trade new Zealand trip for here recent good efforts.

IV2 I did not see TV3 Helen worshipping last night but TV1 had Dear Leader in Aukolofa , opening a Tongan branch of the Liarbour Party, a follow up to Friday's other story about her foray into South Auckland for the Mangere seat.

I recall once many years ago one British newspaper poked fun at the media in communist countries.
Romania was held up as an example of this. Causecu does this, Caesescu does that, every detail of his life was recorded and praised and one day the lead story on the news was he had been hunting and "Caesecu has shot a bear.'
Now, I don't imagine for one moment we will have stories about Dear Leader shooting bears but with such breathless praise and psychophancy, we seem to be heading that way.

Inventory2 said...

Watch the video Fairfacts, and observe closely as she has money attached to her garments. Will full disclosure of the donations follow?

Gavin said...

actually i think golf handicap data is public on a nz golf website so probably didn't need to phone the golf club

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gavin, I'm not sure whether the website would tell you the dates on which a person plyed.

Inventory2 said...

They do Adolf - and they tell you his scores hole-by-hole! All you have to do is search by name and club.

Inventory2 said...

Just founbd it - ten seconds' work. Please can I be a journalist??!!


When you say 'scores' Adolf, are you referring to golf or prostitutes.
The expression 'hole by hole' is a little misleading too :)


Good Lord! People putting money down the PM's cleavage!
Is she training to be a lapdancer? Are her career prospects that bad? What happened to her cushy number at the UN?