Friday, March 28, 2008

NZ kicks off mass stupidity

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Mass stupidity starts in Christchurch tomorrow night.

What will Al Gore do? Will it affect his AlGoreRhythms into Climate Change aka mass hysteria/stupidity?


Andy Moore said...

Act on Campus will be there too.

Rick said...


How about some credit?

KG said...

My place has a bloody great outside floodlight--which will be turned on at 8pm tomorrow. As well as two computers and several indoor lights.
Screw gaia.And every gullible fool who sails in her.

Clunking Fist said...

Rick, could you have a petition against DiHydrogen Monoxide, collecting signatures for it's immediate banning.

Rick said...

^^ that would not be out of place.

emmess said...

Fuck, I just realised I'll be sitting in the dark at the movies.
I just wan't to clarity that doesn't translate into support for ths bullshit