Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kiwis not breeding

While New Zealand women have, rightly or wrongly, gained a reputation for sleeping around, not many it seems are getting round to breeding.
The Sunday Star-Times today reports that a quarter of New Zealand women in their 30s or younger may never have children.
Well, I guess the rising cost of housing doesn't help, with stories in the papers yesterday outlining the stark choices facing many: A home of your own or a family.
Still, the reports say that any resultant labour shortages can always be filled by immigrants. Now where might these immigrants come from?
Obviously from muslim lands where the women breed incessently and housing costs are not a worry as muslims tend to live off the state anyway, making them likely Liarbour voters to boot!
The Fitna movie, see earlier posts, notes the rise of muslim populations in the Netherlands and Europe.
From just a handful to 40,000 in the last census here, I guess the powers that be will allows us to have some more muslims, regardless of the damage this does to the fabric of New Zealand and the freedoms we enjoy.
UPDATE: 1- IslamWatch says the Fitna movie did not go far enough.
2-Most Dutch believe Islam is destroying the Netherland's idenity and mass immigration is the country's 'biggest mistake ever.'
3- A French taxpayers association has analysed the costs and benefits of immigration, noting that for 30 years after WW2 immigration did benefit the French economy. But when its rules were changed to focus more on asylumn seekers and family reunification, immigration became a major burden.
4-There is also much out there about the costs to Denmark of supporting muslim immigrants, that they make up 4% of the country, yet consume 40% of Danish welfare costs and made up most of the rapists in Denmark, Norways and Sweden. It is Mohammed's view of women behind the Islamists mysogeny and rape.
Blogger Fjordman goes into greater detail on the costs of immigration to Europe.
Indeed, Mark Steyn in his book America Alone sees Islam's demographic conquest of Europe as inevitable because we whites refuse to breed. Indeed, he believes The Future belongs to Islam because of our refusal to breed in contrast to Islamic demographic conquest.


Anonymous said...

What a disgusting piece of racism there.
The view of the muslim population bomb is racist and most offensive.
Countries , including New Zealand, benefit from the diversity of immigration.

DenMT said...

Fairfacts. I know that your blind hatred of Muslims is beyond doubt, but from which dark, neglected corner of your arse did you pull the statistic 'Most rapists in Sweden are Muslim'?

You are a journalist. Where is your credibility?


DenMT said...

Further to my last comment, FFM, if you won't do your own fact-checking, I'll do it for you. Taking your statements in turn:

- A quarter of New Zealand women in their 30's or younger may never have children.

This is borne out in the linked source article, although it would be prudent to note that the article goes on to say that this is a general trend across the Western world - not an isolated trend here in New Zealand.

- Muslim women breed 'incessently' [sic].

While tempted to take potshots at FFM's choice of language here, I have been unable to find any definitive data on on Muslim birthrates in comparison with other religious groups in New Zealand. It does seem to be generally accepted that Muslim groups have a birthrate on average three times higher than that of the national averages IN EUROPE, however the New Zealand data would be pertinent here.

- Muslims tend to live off the state.

Again, with limited time and resources I have been unable to find anything to either substantiate or refute FFM's claim here - although I would welcome anyone that has access to recent Census data confirming or denying this claim.

- Before the last Census, the NZ Muslim population comprised 'a handful,' and is now at 40,000.

This is demonstrably false. At the 2001 Census, FFM's 'handful' of Muslims was a mere snip at...23,631. The 2006 Census gave a total of 36,072 - not sure where 40,000 came from, perhaps rounding up in the same fashion that 23,631 mysteriously got rounded down to 'a handful'. Whilst this is a significant growth rate, it should be noted that growth rates for other migrant religions such as Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhist were similar or greater.

- Most Dutch believe Islam is:
a) '...destroying the Netherland's [sic] idenity [sic]' and;
b) '...mass immigration is the country's biggest mistake ever.'

To a) which should rightly have been 'Islam is a threat to Dutch society' rather than anything about destroying identity, 56% agreed with the proposition. Technically 'most' although I find that misleading. 57% agreed with the second proposition.

- Muslim immigrants account for 40% of all Danish welfare spending.

I am assuming that this springs from a widely debunked article originally penned by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegard - it should be noted immediately that after a response by two Dutch Members of Parliament, the authors resiled from their claims, which were erroneously extrapolated in the first place. If there is a separate source for these figures, I would be interested to see it.

- Muslims account for the majority of rapes in Denmark, 'Norways' [sic] and Sweden.

This is the claim that originally raised my hackles, as I am fairly intimately acquainted with Sweden. The same article which made the wild claims about welfare spending in Denmark also made allegations concerning Muslim involvement in rape statistics. Again, this was widely debunked - it being pointed out that criminal registers do not account for religion. This also is so in Sweden, and I would wager 'Norways' also, although I am not sure. Again, given that FFM is making the claim I would say the ball is in his court to substantiate, given that no other source I could even find on the internet claims that most rapists in Sweden and 'Norways' are Muslim.

In summary, FFM plays way, way too fast and loose with facts in his mission to vilify Muslims.

I hereby undertake, time-willing, to do what FFM clearly can't be bothered doing, and check his assumptions against reality - for every suspect post.

If anyone cares to do the same, or comes up with facts in contravention to those that I have come up with, then by all means post them up.

Here's to openness, honesty, and diligence.


Anonymous said...

Mother Ecclesiastica here...

What Racism?

No particular race was even mentioned!

Islam is not a race of people.
Islam is a deen.
A particularly repulsive deen at that!

Erk. 'Anonymous', you need an education. Obviously that madrassa you attended has taught you nothing more than to chant meaningless mantras....

OK, Pearl boys, after me: "Racist! Racist! Hate speech! Hate speech! Dialogue! Dialogue! Racist! Racist!"

Sorry, old chap...

The 'diversity' bullshit is too stupid for words. go chat to the politicians: we pay them our taxes to be polite to you wogs, so that we don't have to.

That's why they are called "politicians". Polite - polit-ician, get the connection?

Anonymous said...

Mother Ecclesiastica here...


Oooo. Such vitriol.
Pity you are soooo busy that you can't back up your claims that the article was a load of crap, eh?

Maybe you could have convinced me you knew what you were ranting about - but since you're much too busy. I guess I'll just have to believe all the Swedish govt's reports that 85% of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim men upon white Swedish women.

That's racists as well as accurate.

Psycho Milt said...

What Racism?

No particular race was even mentioned!

Anti-semites don't usually mention a particular race either. Right-wingers never seem to have trouble figuring out they're racists though.

I guess I'll just have to believe all the Swedish govt's reports that 85% of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim men upon white Swedish women.

Feel free to post links to these govt reports. NB: I'm afraid "Fjordman said so" doesn't cut it for those of us who aren't racist nutjobs.

DenMT said...

'Mother Ecclesiastica': My project to substantiate FFM's unreferenced, inflammatory claims has already given some actual facts which disprove his opinions.

Realise in the first place though, it's not really up to me to disprove his extreme claims, it is up to him to front up with the facts (if he desires any credibility, and one imagines that as a journalist, he does). This is not happening, so I have decided in turn to check his claims for him. As you noted, I have not in the limited time available to me for such things, been able to find conclusive evidence against all of his claims. I'll certainly keep going.

Conversely, if you have anything to reinforce his agenda (concretely) then by all means provide a reference! Like Psycho Milt, I'd love to see 'government reports' from Sweden alleging 85% of rape is committed by Muslims.

I have spent loads of time in Sweden, am moving there permanently in May, speak fluent Swedish, and have a Swedish girlfriend, so I have plenty of experience of the country outside of the confines of the blogosphere. Islamophobia is not rampant there. Most significantly, religion is not recorded in criminal statistics, so all the claims of a Muslim majority of rapists are just wishful thinking on the part of hate-consumed bigots.


WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

There was no such thing as "islamophobia" until the Muslims brought it on themselves with the religiously obsessed insanity of 9/11, the ridiculous Salaman Rushdie fatwa, the grand guignol over the cartoons, the disgusting murder of Theo Van Gogh, and the London bombings (which were beyond contempt), all of which took place in the West.

You idiots butting your egos against each other over whether something is "racist" or not need to wake up to what is REALLY happening, which is this: the inventive, modern, creative, progressive, free, democratic, essentially European white race, who created the modern world (which took immense sacrifices), is now "reverse Darwin-ing" itself out of existence by reducing its birthrate - for, ironically, all the right reasons; the main one being our intelligent recognition that overpopulation is the primary cause of the world's problems.

But the more primitive, less-educated, less thoughtful, religion-and-tradition driven other cultures are doing the EXACT OPPOSITE, and are still breeding like flies (and why wouldn't they - sex and the religious imperative is about all the fun they're allowed to have anyway).

Even this wouldn't be a problem except for the one MONUMENTALLY STUPID THING our superior culture has done - we've invited them to come and do it IN THE WEST, in the mistaken belief that if we showed them the benefits of sophisticated civilisation, they would GET IT.

Well they DON'T get it, partly because their mad mullahs don't want them to - which is also why they keep trying blame America for their own backward culture's failings.

But soon they will outnumber us, and will be sitting like so much dumb carrion on the rump of a once-great civilisation, wondering what to do next with the bits that are left after they've destroyed most of it.

(Actually, I predict that the first thing that will happen is that their leaders will build palaces, and suppress the masses, just like post-colonial Africa).

It's a numbers game, and we are about to lose it. Never mind your petty "racist" arguments. WAKE UP!

WAKE UP said...

Further to previous post:

The migration flow is relentlessly East to West for reasons about which everyone is in denial, at both ends of the migration chain. And it's depressing to see that the only people taking up the issue here are inept politicians like Peter Brown and the now largely-discredited NZ First (shame really, there once was a time...), so nobody will take it seriously, and are already getting away with the usual shallow p/c knee-jerk reactions (which is aslo pretty much the situation in other places like Canada, Britain etc). Meanwhile, the sly cunning ones who are responsible for the mess are lying low. I repeat: the migration flow is relentlessly East to West for reasons about which everyone is in denial, at both ends of the migration chain - from self-interested political parties, to the over-qualified immigrant sitting on a cab rank and whinging, to the mad mullah who is just waiting for the numbers to swing his way ( which they are slowly doing). PS - haven't Ashraf Choudhary and Joris de Bres been quiet lately?)