Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's some affordable housing for you!!!

The Herald on Sunday today continues with the raft of hard luck stories showing the struggle of young homeowners. A $375,000 house costs $900 a week in mortgage payments! No wonder the poor guy pictured looks like he needs a new singlet and a good feed.
But anyway, people should stop bleating.
There's affordable housing a plenty if you look hard enough for it.
Perusing through the property section of the Weekend Herald last night I came across a few veritable bargains.
A one bedroomed apartment in Zest in central Auckland can be had for a bargain $99,000! I've seen what the two-bedroomed places are like so don't expect any room and if you survive a week before jumping off the balcony, I commend your fortitude.
The collapse of Hannover Finance recently means there's a few bargains to be had in Vincent Street, central Auckland. Studios can be had for around $70,000 and a one bedroom from about $120,000. They don't come with parking mind you, but we are talking CBD here, you don't need a car.
Many such properties will be auctioned off this week, so I might pop along to see what's available. Even at today's depressed prices, I doubt anything decent might be affordable for me to live in, but an investment property might be affordable. Yes, good enough for someone else to live in , but me?, good Lord no!
Of course, rather than bleating, maybe we should look further afield. Take a look at Trade Me, which displays many, many properties to rent or buy.
The commute from Karapiro or Kaitaia is not too bad and there's always the removeable bungalows.
We can always economise too. Who needs kids anyway? We can import immigrants. But they may well be muslims, better known for terrorism, religious extremism, sucking welfare states dry, as opposed to being hardworking and delivering positive benefits to an economy.
But we should stop bleating. We are kiwis. The powers that be have determined that apartment living is the way of the future. We won't need cars as cars are evil and bad for the environment, we must be dependent on the state for transport as well as other things.
The Kiwi quarter acre pavlova paradise and our independence that comes with it is but a fond and distant memory.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The collapse of Hanover Finance? Tell me more.


"Ex Hanover Mortgagee stock" is the actual quote.
Seems I boobed.
See page H49 of the Weekend Herald, a big Ray White ad, for the property at 113 Vincent Street.