Monday, March 17, 2008

Helen Clark praises ACT

One thing I do admire about the Labour Party is the fact they actually do things. Now you might complain about the things they actually do, and the laws they pass, but they are not scared of change or reform. They are the original reform party.

Of course the best reformers were the ministers in the fourth Labour government which is why I am attracted to ACT. Now I hold no water for the views that Roger Douglas might scare off voters because at the end of the day you can't please 100% of the people so why try. For every voter he turns off there are at least 2 he attracts.

I am also a decade old member (been a member since 1997 in fact) mainly because ACT actually believes in things. And it also helps that I believe pretty much in the same things as the party does!

And astonishingly our very own Prime Minister, the inimitable Helen Clark, sings ACT some praise right here on that very point. Who would have thought!

The connotations and permatations in this election will be countless.

One thing for sure, Brownlee and Co. will be hating this.

Mind you, I guess if you are going to govern alone who cares who stands for other parties aye :). It won't make any difference anyway aye Murray (McCully).


Clunking Fist said...

Dear Leader criticises Fords as boring and unimaginative and says Ferraris are much more of a car.

I guess everyone would like a Ferrari in his or her garage, but only next to the Ford hatchback, mpv or suv that get used in boring, real, everyday life, like taking kids to school.

Just like the Greens drag Liarbore down the (composting) toilet that is socialist madness, hopefully ACT will drag a National gummint to the right. Make the scholarships the ACT pet project that National “have” to concede on, in order to obtain the ACT support and thus Treasury benches. If I’m confident that Rodders will win Epsom, then ACT can have my party vote. I suspect my electorate vote will be a waste of time: that big haired bloke that (I think) brought us the waste of money that is the families commission, will prevail.

Spam said...

I expect that Labour are simply hoping that ACT get 4% of Nats votes, Rodney loses his seat, and that opens up the way for a labour win.

Anonymous said...

spam - you got it!

Of course, what really needs to happen is for National+ACT to get more than 66% of the vote - 50% just isn't enough.

For two reasons: Labour stole the last election and will steal this one two. They've already got 8 extra undemocratic seats (Maorimander + Anderton)
how many more will they get other ways?
A Nat+ACT victory needs to be completely emphatic.

Second, National+ACT aren't like Labour (more's the pity) - they won't change the electoral act, the bill of rights, or the rest of the constitution on just half the votes in parliament. But with 67% they can make all the changes that need to be made and entrench them so that Labour can never ever undo them?

You can't undo the ECA if it is entrenched.
You can't buy back the schools, hospitals, Air NZ, Railways, the local farm If it is illegal and entrenched for the government to own businesses.
You can't raise taxes if it is illegal to raise taxes.
You can't be a member of the Labour Party or a Union (or start something like them again once they've been banned) if it is illegal and entrenched to be a member of a Labour part or a union!

Psycho Milt said...

But with 67% they can make all the changes that need to be made and entrench them so that Labour can never ever undo them?

Yes, that's the trick, simply win 67% of the vote! Why has no-one thought of this before? That'd work, that'd really work! I fervently hope that all of National and ACT's real campaign strategy is of a calibre to match this...

Clunking Fist said...

I'm not sure where it says in our constitution (!) that something passed with 66+% votes is permanent.
And, quite frankly, I wouldn't want that. Either you believe in the power of the electorate, or you don't. Parliament cannot bind future parliaments. Except in Europe, where gummints are handing their powers across to a new gummint (EU) without a mandate from the electorate. But I’m sure that a future electorate could vote for a party that promises to withdraw from the EU. Provided the EU doesn’t dissolve national parliaments in the meantime…

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the trick, simply win 67% of the vote!

They already have 50% - and that still won't be enough with the Maorimander!
Another 16% or so is only another 300,000 voters. That's twice the population of Hawkes' Bay. This is also quite within the historical polling of National under MMP.

After all, in MMP no one party can every poll 50%, right?
Perhaps it is not realistic - but it most certainly is a realistic goal instead of sitting on 51% and thinking it will be enough. It won't be!

Parliament cannot bind future parliaments. ... I'm not sure where it says in our constitution (!) that something passed with 66+% votes is permanent.

Well they can and they do! Since we don't have much of a written constitution it doesn't say this anyway but it is is the convention for entrenched legislation - parts of the Electoral law, mostly. Notably the electoral funding legislation is not entrenched: if it was, the GG probably wouldn't have signed the EFA, or rather the EFA would not have passed.

National must restore a fair EFA, and then should entrench it so that it cannot be changed by a minority government every again. That would also of course (it turns out) band the EMPU and PSA and other unions every being involved in politics.

Which is why I say why stop there: entrench legislation making it illegal to cap electoral funding; for unions to bully employers or collect dues; or for governments to gerrymander and be corrupt. Entrench "one person one vote" and the maori seats go away too - and cannot come back. Entrench that it is illegal for goverment to do more than provide for public safety and defense - and most of NZs problems go away and cannot come back.

51% will not be enough for national & ACT.
This is why a serious campaign needs to begin NOW to raise that percentage to 60% (enough to form govtn and abolish the maorimander) or ideally 67% - to reform the country in such a way that a Labour party (if every such a party was allowed to be formed again) would never be able to change it.