Friday, March 28, 2008

Government seeing its own green follies...well, just the one!

Remember Dear Leader touting biofuels as the saviour for the planet?
Well, it seems the government is having second thoughts.
As reported many times before, biofuels are bad for the planet.
They are driving up food prices as farmers choose not to grow food, and they lead to habitat being destroyed to grow the new biofuel crops.
They also emit as much carbon dioxide as traditionally made petroleums.
The Herald reports the latest developments here, while Whale Oil goes into great length debunking the green support for them.
AND IN OTHER GREEN NEWS, Labour rejects claims its energy policies will cause fuel prices to rise 50% as reported yesterday. Instead, the Greens talk of a maximum 15%.
Now, that makes us all feel better, doesn't it?


Spam said...

So David Parker claims that the gas producers are only scaremongering because they want to sell more gas, and that renewables are actually cheaper than gas.....

So why the hell do they need a moratorium on new gas-fired stations? Surely if renewables are actually cheaper than gas-fired, then generators wouldn't want to build gas fired stations?

Inventory2 said...

Keeping Stock takes a swipe as well!!

Spam said...

David said...

Green support for them? Not capital G Greens:


Thanks David

Good to see the Greens, with a capital G seeing the light on this.


I guess the issue of a publicity and popularity seeking party that will do anything to win votes without realising the issues behind them.
Liarbour just fell hook, line and sinker for the latest craze and now looks incredibly foolish.