Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fitna withdrawal confirms the point

Liveleak, the company that released Geert Wilders Fitna movie online yesterday has had to withdraw the link after violent threats were made against its staff.
Thus, as a service to our readers, we offer other links, which show the film is spreading virally.
The Brussels Journal has this link and The Gates of Vienna has a few more.
There has not been the feared widespread seething from Islamists yet, but the threat to staff and threats to Wilders helps confirm his point.
Australia's Andrew Bolt of the Herald-Sun makes other points, largely backing Wilders.
In the meantime, in response to one leftist saying a smilar movie could be made against the Bible, KG at Crusader Rabbit offers this most telling response.
Oh yes, it ought to be easy enough to make.
Why, all we have to do is send people armed with cameras to all those places where Christians are executing gays, driving schoolgirls into burning buildings, sodomising and shooting schoolchildren, stoning adulterers..There must be more.
Hang on a second--it'll come to me...
Ah yes! The stoning to death of (female) adulterers in St. Peter's square ought to be good for several minute's worth of movie time.
And perhaps while we're there it'll be possible to capture some shots of loving Italian Catholic mothers sawing parts off their daughter's genitals.
Did I miss any other fine Christian traditions?
Beheadings maybe?
Killing Buddhist schoolteachers in Thailand?
Cameras in local churches will be essential--to capture shots of priests as they preach death to the Western pigs and apes and the destruction of Israel.
We could wind up the movie with some interviews with the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, as they call for the killing of any who dare to leave the Christian church.
That ought to round it out nicely and end on a fine multicultural, tolerant note.
UPDATE: Fitna is but a mere entree to What The West Needs to Know now , a 90 minute feature starring Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'or and others on the words in the Koran that have driven Islamic violence for centuries and threaten our way of life today. Further details here.


Anonymous said...

So the Muslims are outraged at seeing other Muslims stone, kill and behead people and they're going to what, attack Westerners for it. How does that work?

Mrs Danvers

KG said...

I found it hilarious that the U.N. has condemned the film as "hate speech" when 90% of the speech is by muslims themselves.
So now merely quoting somebody accurately constitutes hate speech...Orwell would be laughing.

WAKE UP said...

The migration flow is relentlessly East to West, for reasons about which EVERYONE is in denial at both ends of the migration chain.