Friday, March 28, 2008

The 'dirt' on McCain

I was watching TVNZ's Breakfast programme this morning, which had real shocking news that could cost John McCain the presidency.
Has he slept with an intern and lied about it?
Is he lying about his war record, or even field trips to Bosnia?
Is his pastor a racist extremists?
Does he have extreme economic policies?
No! McCain's big issue is, according to TV1, he has had problems reading an autocue. he mangles his words like John key has.
And for this, he is riduculed by TV1 and whoever produced the footage sent over the Breakfast.
Well, if that's the best the left can come up with, McCain must be home and dry.
I tried searching for the source online. While there were some exchanges on economic policy, which seems fair, there was nothing on McCain's autocue troubles.
And in other news, news TV1 might like to know: An anti Israeli singer has penned a song for Obama. And his Church believes the Israelis have produced an ethnic bomb. What strange supporters he has?


Anonymous said...

As you must know, even though he WILL become President as I predicted before Christmas, the real dirt on McCain is that he sang like a canary when he was a POW and that resulted in the VM moving the SAM sites and US pilots lost their lives.

Also he has serious health issues including dementia.

But hey, this is American politics. He'll still be Pres, till he dies in office and Huckabee takes over.


Truth Seeker said...

John McCain disqualified himself as presidential material when he showed absolutely appalling judgment in supporting the invasion of Iraq as being a good idea. He has maintained that position and continues to reinforce the impression he lacks good judgment. Despite the original case supporting the invasion being found to be without substance - lies, actually, - McCain doesn't care.

President? Not qualified. Clinton has the same problem. Bad judgment. She voted for every piece of legislation that enabled the invasion and then then sustained it. She claims she didn't know Bush was making stuff up to support his case. That's either gross incompetence or bad judgment - or both.

Anonymous said...

You are so easily deluded FFM. It really doesn't matter what McCain says or does or what Obama or Hilary say or do.Your ideological blinkers determine your response, that much is obvious.

Despite his bravery and war record he's a lightweight believe me.

If he inspires you I really do think thats kind of sad. Almost as sad as poor deluded Andrei once proclaiming he found Bush 'inspirational'.

Anonymous said...

truth seeker, you're not wrong.

However there's another dimension to the equation that you're not seeing.

Also consider whether his comments on Iraq are genuine or false. Brzezinski is his main FP advisor, even though he's not ranked as such. Look up his comments on Iraq. That's not the dimension I refer to as the one you're not seeing, but it's a component of it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, can I rescind my last comment. Brzezinsky of course is Obama's FP advisor.