Monday, March 31, 2008

Did Beijing orchestrate Tibetan riots? Is this the proof?

As Dear Leader heads off on her global travels today, which will end with the signing of a free trade agreement with China, let us consider a story I have found on some of the blogs, but as yet, not the MSM.
Fortress Australia Outpost adds to a chorus of blogs, with a story originating from the Canada Free Press, alleging that Beijing orchestrated the violence in Tibet, something also alleged by the Dalai Lama.
The Chinese, naturally , blame the Dalai Lama for the violence.
On the left is supposedly a photo taken by a UK spy satellite that shows the Chinese army with monk robes preparing for a bit of subterfuge.
Now, Britain's GCHQ spy base has apparantly been monotoring the situation in China and taken this photo using satellites.
Somehow it looks a little fishy to me.
The angle doesn't seem right. The satellites fly overhead, right? If it was a secret agent in a nearby hotel that took the photo, then the pic would to be be more credible. Of course, if these are Chinese soldiers, though, what are they doing with monk outfits?
After Poneke last week raised the veracity of another anti-Chinese pic I posted here last week, I am certainly going to be more careful in believing what is claimed.
I am sure the Chinese committ many atrocities and the Tibetans don't need to fabricate anything to prove their point.
Of course, I could be wrong. Advances in spy satellite technology, coupled with the use of 3D computer imagery could well produce accurate representations like this. Or maybe a UK secret agent took the photo from a nearby hotel room?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't google earth show pictures like these taken at a wide angle?


I don't know to be honest.
Maybe they do, maybe they don't.
This is why I am a little sceptical.
Perhaps someone more technically minded out there can help us.
I stand ready to be corrected.

Skyman said...

I'm with you fairfacts. The angle seems impossible from a sattelite unless the subjects were in a very large open area.

I would also give the Chinese credit for being a little bit more clever than to have these soldiers seen in public carrying monks robes.

KG said...

I'd guess that the source of the picture won't be made public in any case. Anyone in a position to take such a pic wouldn't want to make it any easier for the Chinese government to track it down.

Rudy said...

Apparently you have not read the original page at ...
The pic is a mere illustration that soldiers posing as Tibetan monks would not be a first for this gloriously bloody regime.

More evidence is appearing that policemen walked around in plain clothes with big knives to 'enliven' the foto's & videos. See for example the website.

May the Chinese finally have the wisdom to start talks rather then merely swaying guns and rhetoric as they have done for 50 years.


Thanks Rudy

The caption you refer to says about Chinese soldiers disguising themselves as monks.

"This is not an uncommon 'tactical move' from the Chinese government as could be seen on the back-cover of the 2003 annual TCHRD Report "

I believe the use of Chinese soldiers posing as Tibetan monks is sinister to say the least.

And it looks like it did happen as the dalai Lama says so.

Rudy, please keep us abreast of any further developments.

Clunking Fist said...

anon: google earth "street view" is only available for some locations (USA Ithink) and aren't they taken by land-based cameras?

The depth of field in the photos is too much: the soldiers at the front are much bigger than the ones at the back. The more "telephoto" the lens, the more all objects appear the same size.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Naah! I suspect that the soldiers are all real monks who disguise themselves in military uniforms so they can blame the chinese for the violence.

Rudy said...

Apparently, the picture was taken when the Chinese wanted Tibetan monks to pose for a movie in their monastery. When the monks refused, they dressed up soldiers to act as monks.
This is why it proved not to belong directly to the article, but I thought is was a gripping pic. And that proved right!

For more information on how the Chinese are trying to manipulate the media to cover up their deceptions, see this page One of the "rioters" on the Chinese 'wanted' posters, also featured in CCTV's riot coverage, was a policeman. He was brandishing a long knife. Unfortunately for the Chinese, a Thai woman who traveled back home soon afterwards, happened to see the guy in a police station. Next, the Chinese 'photoshopped' the image and re-published it!

Skyman said...

This picture should be withdrawn. A picture of soldiers playing monks for a movie in no way equals soldiers playing monks for a riot. It's just too big a leap and only exposes those who use the picture to ridicule from the pro-Chineses folks.

KG said...

I agree, Skyman. I'll put a note under the post over at crusader Rabbit.

Anonymous said...

This pic came from a movie set shot back in 2001. Called "The Touch" starring Michelle Yeoh.
Try harder next time. I mean, cmon.

I'm more worried about the Palestinians than the monks. Who are on the CIA payrolls.