Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Leader waits

I am sure we look forward to the day when Dear Leader is packed and ready to leave town.
Here she is in Lhasa, Tibet.
But see how the waiting facilities are so much better than in our own hospitals, where Liarbour incompetence has produced this mess on the North Shore.
The hospital there has been likened to a 'refugee camp' as patients have to wait in corridors.
Meanwhile, the government aims to lessen the use of public hospitals with this piece of nannying to help avoid obesity.
So this sweeping legislation could be used to enforce anything that 'could' be linked to obesity, anything the bureaucrats think might owrk, almost on a whim.
As the Electoral Finance Act shows, we cannot rely on the government buying us off with claims 'common sense' might work. It all shows yet another example of government steppping ever closer into our lives and covering up failed legislation with more legislation when they ought to back out and leave people to make up their own minds.
But socialists are like that. They don't trust the people, they just want control, control , control, power for themselves.

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Clunking Fist said...

"..conducted a phone poll of 401 parents and grandparents and discovered most were concerned about television advertising of food and drinks to children."

FFS: if asked "are you concerned yes or no", most WOULD prob say yes. But WTF does "most" mean? 202 out of 401? 100 of the 199 who didn't hang up when they discovered it was a survey coy calling them?
But if asked on a scale where 10 = "I lie awake at night worrying about food advertising to children and I write letters to my MP and the paper about it" and 1 = "I love advertising cos it allows me to make a cup of tea during Coro"
I wonder what the response be?

Here's a suggestion: make MPs pay for their own food, then some of the fat fuckwits might not eat so much.
Have you not read the reports that show that obses and smokers die young, saving the taxpayer money cf the fit people who linger for years.