Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CBS Takes Sides

God help America, land of the free.

With CBS indoctrinating the people, you'd have to wonder what their fate will be.

Clearly, the Democratic Party shills who infest CBS have decided that the game should go to uber leftist racist and America hater Obama Sin Laden.

CBS has sent a rocket propelled grenade into the delicate flanks of the Clinton campaign. They have high lighted her brazen lies concerning her visit to Bosnia in 1996.

The fireworks is only just starting.


Sean said...

Good to see you've taken your focus of Obama (at least temporarily) and moved in on the the real evil threat from the Dems. Plus with Obama being the villain here at No Minister, I am sure I have missed out on heaps of great Hillary pics, especially courtesy of FFM who has a knack for finding/making extremely unflattering photos.


Thank you for the compliment Sean.
Indeed, some time ago, I came across a 'gallery' of unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton.
Someone in the states had a collction of unflattering Hillary pics online.
I told our good friend Whale Oil about this and not only did he host the Hillary collection, I think it gave him the idea to host a similar collection of unflattering pics of our own Dear Leader.
Indeed, Whale Oil has a most wonderful montage of Hillary pics to contrast her appearance with French first lady Carla whatshername.
It is interesting to see that the Clinton camp also had links to Rev Wright, which I have blogged on today, also noting reports that Hillary is a bit of a fishwife in the language department, as well as an anti-semite.

WAKE UP said...

President Barry Obama? yeah, right. The guy has never actually done anything, and is really just Al Gore in blackface.