Monday, March 24, 2008

Call me old fashioned but...........

If women are working, then they should not be breastfeeding their babies.
If they are breastfeeding, they should be at home.
Isn't that what paid parental leave was all about?
Thus, Liarbour's planned new law on forcing employers to create spaces for breastfeeding is unnecessary.
Ditto with the forced meal breaks.
I doubt there is anyone who does not have meal breaks in their contract.
And any employer with half a brain knows that you need to let you staff have a rest every so often, so they can be refreshed and recharged to work harder/ better.
UPDATE: Employers say research is needed to see if such a bill is necessary.


Clunking Fist said...

Nanny state alert!

We all KNOW that the "settled science" is that breast-feeding is best for baby.
Perhaps if the workforce were better educated and therefore had higher paying jobs, and if taxes were lower, women could stay home longer, or work fewer hours.

Does the gummint have evidence that employers are not letting mums breast feed? Or is this another solution for a problem that doesn't (or barely) exists, whilst our economy starts to go down the toilet? "Let’s get the proles thinking about breasts: it'll take their minds off the economy."

Or has La Leche League managed to bend the ear of the Minister somehow?

I know once our no.2 started solids, he went to creche and wifey popped up midday-ish for a feed, and again when she picked him up later in the day. BOTH our little le(e)ches slept with mum and feed off and on all night (don't gasp: UK advice is directly opposite what is recommended here on sleeping with baby) and got by with a last gasp in the morning and a top-up at lunch time, before back into it in the evening.

Sean said...

Just Dreadful FFM!

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