Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bryers Scalp Worth Gold to Labour

In a smart and intelligent move, today commerce minister Lianne Dalzeil allowed liquidator Jeff Meltzer to announce that the government will provide funding to assist unravel the nightmare that is BlueChip.

Liquidator Jeff Meltzer. Photo / Greg Bowker

Adolf approves.

I thought right from the start this mess would get political and today it did. With over four thousand people involved in the biggest ripoff since petrol tax and an election in the offing this has to be the gift Labour have been looking for. They can be seen to be running down and punishing a genuine 'rich prick' who made his millions on the backs of innocent hard working greedy tax dodging kiwis.

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This has got to be worth at least two points in the polls for Labour and if they can manipulate the police and the courts to have the bastard jailed in October, then they probably will win their coveted fourth term.


pdm said...

Perhaps they should do the same for Bridgecorp as well.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see in this morning's Herald, the fund Jeff Meltzer is seeking to access is one held by the Official Assignee for 'liquidations of great public interest.' I can't recall it ever being used before. Can anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Its outrageous. Why should the public pay just because these buyers failed to do proper due diligence and discover what most of us have known, that is Blue Chip are useless and Bryers is a dirty dudding thief.

Clunking Fist said...

I listened to one fellow on StateRadio this morn: his wider family lost 2 million and that seemed to be the bulk of their savings. All of that money bet on one venture? Not a clever sausage.

Maybe nanny state needs to get involved, finger these white collars, or other scam artists will think they too could get away with it.
Not to mention cull, some of the "advisors" out there who aren't fit to wipe my arse.
I had my friendly [should I mention the coy?] “Advisor” tell me that they were advising all their clients with super savings in “growth” funds to switch to conservative funds. When I pointed out that this was an absurd thing to do with a long term plan at the bottom of a market, he stated that they thought that their clients could take the opportunity to “lock in” gains made….
At a guess, a working knowledge of maths (let alone economics) is not a perquisite for “advisors”.