Thursday, March 27, 2008

Auckland Uni pays the price of political correctness

Auckland University is paying the price for its political correctness- some $66,000.
That is the compensation the university has to pay Dr Paul Buchanan whom the Emp-loyment Relations Authority says was unfairly sacked after he emailed a student to say her work was crap and he doubted her father had died. Even after all this time, there is yet no proof her old man actually popped his clogs. Furthermore, other emails showed Dr Buchanan tried to help her.
It is curious the NZ Herald story says the identity of the student concerned is suppressed, when Asma Al Yamahi revealed all to her local rag back home in Dubai, which led to the exposure of her identity here last August. It doesn't take an Einstein to do a bit of digging and the suppression is not mentioned in other media reports.
And then there was the Palestinian connection from Palestinian activists helping to bring about Dr Buchanan's downfall, even though the NZ Herald noted the professor was sympatheitic to their cause.
Either way, Auckland University surely has egg on its face after this employment court hearing. Now $51,000 for lost wages and $15,000 for hurt feelings is a small price to pay for the university in this case.
Dr Buchanan was NOT reinstated to his old job, which seems to be what people want.
Perhaps the bigger price is that being paid by other Auckland University students who have to put up with second or third rate students like Asma Al Yammahi, who remain in place because of the university's 'bums on seats mentality', which Dr Buchanan was previously criticised, as well as the university's own political correctness which also safeguards the weak and stupid.
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scrubone said...

Sorry, but you're an idiot. If you'd followed the story properly you'd know that Student Health at Auckland had verified that her father had in fact died.

When the poor girl went back to the good doctor with the proof, she received this rather abusive email out of the blue.

abdul al-rauf said...

Scrubone is incorrect. To date there is no evidence, including in the court files, that she provided timely proof that her father died. In fact, there is no record of her ever providing any evidence to justify relevant, compassionate relief. In sum: she alleged but never provided any evidence to the lecturer that he was suffering from emotional distress--she just claimed that was the case. A quick internet search would reveal that much.

FairFacts should dig deeper into the extant (and as of yet unanswered) OIA requests about the involvement of external agents in this matter, particularly the Islamo-Marxists at Auckland University's Student for Justice in Palestine. I know, because I used to be one of them.

sdm said...

scrubone is totally wrong.

Why did she get a medical certificate and never produce it to PGB?

Why did she accept the apology and then complain? Maybe certain people around her "encouraged" her to do so pursue a agenda, in my opinion.

Again, not serious misconduict. The UoA didnt follow procedure, and as such should admit its mistake (as Paul did) and reinstate.

WAKE UP said...

What I'd like to know is why that particular student, who essentially behaved like Paris Hilton In A Headscarf, was taking that particular course. Too bad she provoked Buchanan into losing his cool - otherwise we might have found out some more truths.

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