Monday, March 31, 2008

Did Beijing orchestrate Tibetan riots? Is this the proof?

As Dear Leader heads off on her global travels today, which will end with the signing of a free trade agreement with China, let us consider a story I have found on some of the blogs, but as yet, not the MSM.
Fortress Australia Outpost adds to a chorus of blogs, with a story originating from the Canada Free Press, alleging that Beijing orchestrated the violence in Tibet, something also alleged by the Dalai Lama.
The Chinese, naturally , blame the Dalai Lama for the violence.
On the left is supposedly a photo taken by a UK spy satellite that shows the Chinese army with monk robes preparing for a bit of subterfuge.
Now, Britain's GCHQ spy base has apparantly been monotoring the situation in China and taken this photo using satellites.
Somehow it looks a little fishy to me.
The angle doesn't seem right. The satellites fly overhead, right? If it was a secret agent in a nearby hotel that took the photo, then the pic would to be be more credible. Of course, if these are Chinese soldiers, though, what are they doing with monk outfits?
After Poneke last week raised the veracity of another anti-Chinese pic I posted here last week, I am certainly going to be more careful in believing what is claimed.
I am sure the Chinese committ many atrocities and the Tibetans don't need to fabricate anything to prove their point.
Of course, I could be wrong. Advances in spy satellite technology, coupled with the use of 3D computer imagery could well produce accurate representations like this. Or maybe a UK secret agent took the photo from a nearby hotel room?

Such Wisdom From Afar

If you took seriously The Herald's reporting from Iraq, you'd think the latest stoush between Iran's surrogate Al Sadr and Iraq's security forces in Bazra signals the end of the world for Iraq.

'The 'surge' hasn't worked, it was an illusion' is the common theme.

But then, what would you expect when the sources are regular writers for Al Independent, Al Guardian and Al Reuters? A more deluded and demented bunch of Bush haters would be hard to find, even in the souks of Teheran. These guys write as though they know the inner workings of all the parties and players and then some.

Don't be surprised, therefore, to find both this morning's articles simply are both plain wrong.

The lead story on this morning's 0300 Radio Left Wing News tells the world that Al Sadr has ordered his forces to withdraw from Bazra and Baghdad so that negotiations may ensue.

It does not seem to occur to these poor leftist buggers who are so desperate for Iraq to disintegrate that the people on the ground there might just know a bit more than a gaggle of worn out shills for the enemy. The giveaway is found at odd places in their text where you will find (if you look hard) grudging admission that 'maybe General Petraeus knows something we don't.'

"...Or maybe Petraeus and Maliki know something about the weaknesses of the Mehdi army that nobody else does.."

You bet he does, fellers. So does Prime Minister Malarkey. They are not siting on their arses in London, writing junk.

Silly Philly also was crowing yesterday at 'the mess in Iraq.' Well, it looks like a pretty successful mess to those without an agenda for defeat.

Maybe it's time for Al phil to change his blog name to 'The Harbour Bridge' where his traffic counter seems to be lodged. Millions of hits/cars through the place each day but only one a week stops - and then it's only to have a break down.

What Dear Leader should learn on her European Vacation?

Just the other week Sir Roger Douglas was at the ACT annual conference presenting a vision of privatized healthcare and education vouchers, I mean scholarships.
Labour and the left were horrified as if such policies would mean the end of civilization as opposed to the end of a state dominated neo-monopoly, which poorly serves the consumer, us.
National’s John Key seems equally appalled and vowed Sir Roger Douglas would never set foot in a National-led government.
But, as ever, life has its own little embarassments and ironies.
Now, as we know, Dear Leader likes copying policies from Britain’s New Liarbour government.
That’s where the Pledge Cards came from, from Tony Blair, and Liarbour's recent decision to raise the school leaving age to 18 came just a few weeks after UK PM Gordon Brown announced the same.
Now, guess what Liarbour UK has just announced ?- health vouchers!
Tens of thousands of patients needing a variety of treatments will be able to choose where they want to be treated- be it public or private.
UK Health Secretary Alan Johnson supports the move as bringing choice to patients and improving their outcomes.
So Dear Leader heads off to Europe today and her tour will include meeting Gordon Brown and other European leaders at a 'Progressive Governance Conference.'
While the conference is aimed at the centre-left, we might remember what other centre-left governments in Denmark and Sweden have achieved; scholarships, or vouchers, and choice in public-funded education, as Roger Douglas highlighted.
Thus, such public-private partnerships are hardly the heresies Liarbour would have us believe, but rather a 'progressive' policy she should support.

Hail to Hickeyvision!

One of our favourite bloggers is Bernard Hickey of Stuff’s Show Me The Money.
The former Fairfax business chief has for the past six months being working as managing editor for the finance comparison website and producing a daily video podcast.
Obviously done on the cheap, nonetheless Bernard does a creditable job, which hopefully should stand him in good stead should any of the major channels decide to handle business properly with some weight and authority- an issue Poneke was complaining about last week.
Indeed, if Guyon Espiner can present a major political debate on TVNZ’s new digital channel, then likewise there must be scope for a meaty business programme and Hickey could well be the man.
Indeed, I wonder if presenting could be in Hickey’s blood. In one podcast presentation, his economic forecasting reminded me of weatherman Jim Hickey! By any chance are the pair related?
Either way, we wish Bernard well with his foray into podcasting.
At present, the progress of podcasting or online television has had a mixed experience in both Britain and New Zealand.
The UK once had 18 Doughty Street, an online tv station with daily programming featuring top blogger Iain Dale. The station ceased production late last year and Dale has now moved on to TelegraphTV, an online offshoot of the Daily Torygraph, as a commentator on its weekly Right On politics show.
The British papers like the Times and Telegraph are expanding from blogs to such podcasts and online tv.
Here, just the New Zealand Herald seems to be presenting video footage in addition to its printed news reports. However, Computerworld magazine has also experiemented with some podcasts on its website.
I look forward to the day when New Zealand has its own online tv station- Imagine an online version of No Minister, Kiwiblog, Whale Oil, etc. Picture Adolf, Whale Oil and Master Farrar interrogating Dear Leader or John Key. Wouldn’t that be fun?
In the meantime, make do with the ever present, hilarious, excellent and long-running ‘Anglosphere’ podcast Shire Network News, which I enjoyed yesterday, and is updated weekly.

President Gore! The Dummicrats new solution!

Speculation is mounting in the USA that Al Gore may called in to run as the Democratic presidential candidate- either that or he steps in to stop the continuing destruction between Hussein Obama and Shrillary.
The UK Sunday Telegraph takes up the theme that appears to have started late last week when Time columnist Joe Klein speculated on the role of the Superdelegates.
These seem to be unelected party grandees who will have the final say should the primaries produce no clear outcome.
They could well call in on Al Gore as a compromise candidate between the two warring factions.
Or it could be Al Gore who tells Shrillary to back off and swing the Democrats behind Hussein Obama, power he reportedly does not want to use.
An Gore-Obama ticket is being openly touted.
But is Al Gore really the Democrats' saviour?
Either way, Al Gore seems the perfect compromise candidate for the Democrats.
Like Hillary Clinton, he is a proven liar, with his Inconvenient Truth shown to be full of lies.
And like Obama, he has connections to a dodgy religion: Gorebull Warming hysteria!
And with other problems it yet may bring, like the votes cast that meant for nothing, a Gore candicacy could be yet more good news for the Republicans!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Look what happens when your police dog is a lap dog

Police Commissioner Howard Broad has been expressing regret to Tuhoe over the police raids last year during which weapons were found and about 17 people arrested.
Now, I understand the various trials are still progressing, but let us look back to what happened at the time.
There was the media outrage that the 'terrorists' were going to kill 'the prime minister' until it turned out the PM they had in mind was 'the next prime minister- John Key!"
Now, it appears that offences were not chargeable under anti-terror legislation, suggesting a major stuff up by the police and certainly the government in drafting the wording of the law.
Such expressions of regret, and potential apologies to Tuhoe in future, does raise querstions about how much the raid was 'political'.
Have the police become such lapdogs to Dear Leader that they carry out so much at her best rather than be independent, impartial and above the political fray.
Have the police lost their independence? When they seem more intent on acting as the IRD on wheels than catching other criminals, then this seems increasingly so.
Indeed, while the individual officer on the beat is still a force for good, can we say this of the chiefs at the top?
It all started going downhill for the police soon after Dear Leader's election in December 1999 when she lied to the editor of the Sunday Star-Times to help remove Police Commissioner Peter Doone and start imposing her own placemen in the police force.
And thus the controversy of Doonegate was born, leading to the police failings and politicised public service we have today.

The growing take home pay chasm

Bill Ralston in the Herald on Sunday notes the growing chasm between take-home wages at this side of the tasman, compared with those in Australia.
As Sir Roger Douglas noted the other week, New Zealanders are now poorer than the poorest Australians- the Tasmanians-, by $100 a week.
A few days ago, Bill English made a similar point, noting how Liarbour's tax rises have impacted on Kiwis, while Australians have enjoyed continuing taxcuts, taxcuts set to cointinue even under Liarbor PM Kevin Rudd.
This has helped fuel the growing exodus of Kiwis over the ditch as the growing wealth gap proves too much. Our extra high interest rates fuelled by Liarbour's rampant growth in public spending hasn't helped matters either.
And such a lack of confidence in New Zealand under Dear Leader is not just the feeling of ordinary New Zealanders, but Liarbour MPs like Dover Samuels, who are heading overseas, but as Whale Oil notes, even ardent party activists and Clarkists like Pamziewamzie of RedConfectionary, who now works for the New South Wales public service.

More "save the planet" buffoonery

So, as I understand it, this "Earth Hour" bizzo involved the citizens of Christchurch turning the lights off for an hour last night at 8pm. Apparently, the intent (according to to "...take a stand against one of the planet's biggest threats - climate change." (Incidentally, climate change is a constant - has King Canute's lesson been lost in these uneducated times?)

The message I took from Earth Hour was the rather odd one that burning candles is better for the environment than using electric lights. I mean, how likely is it really that burning things will be better for the environment than using electricity which, in this country anyway, comes largely from renewable sources? What next? Send a message against global warming by switching off the heat pump and burning some coal in the good ole fireplace?

Here's some affordable housing for you!!!

The Herald on Sunday today continues with the raft of hard luck stories showing the struggle of young homeowners. A $375,000 house costs $900 a week in mortgage payments! No wonder the poor guy pictured looks like he needs a new singlet and a good feed.
But anyway, people should stop bleating.
There's affordable housing a plenty if you look hard enough for it.
Perusing through the property section of the Weekend Herald last night I came across a few veritable bargains.
A one bedroomed apartment in Zest in central Auckland can be had for a bargain $99,000! I've seen what the two-bedroomed places are like so don't expect any room and if you survive a week before jumping off the balcony, I commend your fortitude.
The collapse of Hannover Finance recently means there's a few bargains to be had in Vincent Street, central Auckland. Studios can be had for around $70,000 and a one bedroom from about $120,000. They don't come with parking mind you, but we are talking CBD here, you don't need a car.
Many such properties will be auctioned off this week, so I might pop along to see what's available. Even at today's depressed prices, I doubt anything decent might be affordable for me to live in, but an investment property might be affordable. Yes, good enough for someone else to live in , but me?, good Lord no!
Of course, rather than bleating, maybe we should look further afield. Take a look at Trade Me, which displays many, many properties to rent or buy.
The commute from Karapiro or Kaitaia is not too bad and there's always the removeable bungalows.
We can always economise too. Who needs kids anyway? We can import immigrants. But they may well be muslims, better known for terrorism, religious extremism, sucking welfare states dry, as opposed to being hardworking and delivering positive benefits to an economy.
But we should stop bleating. We are kiwis. The powers that be have determined that apartment living is the way of the future. We won't need cars as cars are evil and bad for the environment, we must be dependent on the state for transport as well as other things.
The Kiwi quarter acre pavlova paradise and our independence that comes with it is but a fond and distant memory.

Kiwis not breeding

While New Zealand women have, rightly or wrongly, gained a reputation for sleeping around, not many it seems are getting round to breeding.
The Sunday Star-Times today reports that a quarter of New Zealand women in their 30s or younger may never have children.
Well, I guess the rising cost of housing doesn't help, with stories in the papers yesterday outlining the stark choices facing many: A home of your own or a family.
Still, the reports say that any resultant labour shortages can always be filled by immigrants. Now where might these immigrants come from?
Obviously from muslim lands where the women breed incessently and housing costs are not a worry as muslims tend to live off the state anyway, making them likely Liarbour voters to boot!
The Fitna movie, see earlier posts, notes the rise of muslim populations in the Netherlands and Europe.
From just a handful to 40,000 in the last census here, I guess the powers that be will allows us to have some more muslims, regardless of the damage this does to the fabric of New Zealand and the freedoms we enjoy.
UPDATE: 1- IslamWatch says the Fitna movie did not go far enough.
2-Most Dutch believe Islam is destroying the Netherland's idenity and mass immigration is the country's 'biggest mistake ever.'
3- A French taxpayers association has analysed the costs and benefits of immigration, noting that for 30 years after WW2 immigration did benefit the French economy. But when its rules were changed to focus more on asylumn seekers and family reunification, immigration became a major burden.
4-There is also much out there about the costs to Denmark of supporting muslim immigrants, that they make up 4% of the country, yet consume 40% of Danish welfare costs and made up most of the rapists in Denmark, Norways and Sweden. It is Mohammed's view of women behind the Islamists mysogeny and rape.
Blogger Fjordman goes into greater detail on the costs of immigration to Europe.
Indeed, Mark Steyn in his book America Alone sees Islam's demographic conquest of Europe as inevitable because we whites refuse to breed. Indeed, he believes The Future belongs to Islam because of our refusal to breed in contrast to Islamic demographic conquest.

Pathetic Drivel

"Battle of The Bitches" was a tempting headline but Adolf is far too mildly mannered. "McManus Writes Drivel" might have been better.

This waste of newsprint tells us that Jenni McManus considers a person who plays golf once a month is living the high life. Good God, woman. Do you live in Invercargill? Most people I know play golf once a week and those with single figure handicaps play twice a week or more.

What about the man's cars, his favorite restaurants, his overseas holidays, his hand tailored suits, his viagra supplier, his art collection, his $100+ bottles of vintage wine, all the other brothels he visits or possibly owns?

Naaah. The real scandal is the thieving bastard plays golf once a month.

What a vapidly useless journalist. All she did was ring up the Remuera Golf Club and talk to some silly bastard (who now will lose his job) into blabbing about the dates on which a couple of members play golf.

If you want to get the real oil on Bryers there's only one place to go. The NZ Herald. I'm told their Anne Gibson has 'had it in for Bryers' for at least five years.

Compared with Gibson, as bitches go, McManus is an entry level Girl Guide.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unmitigated Crap

The Herald should pull it's head in. This piece of crocodile tears journalism is the pits.

For fuck's sake, what on earth is a ninety year old doing mortgaging her home in order to buy an investment property? No prudent or responsible lender would have advanced such a loan.

Did the stupid bitch think she was going to live to be one hundred and ten years old?

Adolf sincerely hopes that Mark Bryers and the rest of the duplicitous crooks who ran BlueChip go to jail but he has absolutely no sympathy for this family, whose members simply threw all normal prudence out the door in the face of insatiable greed.

Fitna withdrawal confirms the point

Liveleak, the company that released Geert Wilders Fitna movie online yesterday has had to withdraw the link after violent threats were made against its staff.
Thus, as a service to our readers, we offer other links, which show the film is spreading virally.
The Brussels Journal has this link and The Gates of Vienna has a few more.
There has not been the feared widespread seething from Islamists yet, but the threat to staff and threats to Wilders helps confirm his point.
Australia's Andrew Bolt of the Herald-Sun makes other points, largely backing Wilders.
In the meantime, in response to one leftist saying a smilar movie could be made against the Bible, KG at Crusader Rabbit offers this most telling response.
Oh yes, it ought to be easy enough to make.
Why, all we have to do is send people armed with cameras to all those places where Christians are executing gays, driving schoolgirls into burning buildings, sodomising and shooting schoolchildren, stoning adulterers..There must be more.
Hang on a second--it'll come to me...
Ah yes! The stoning to death of (female) adulterers in St. Peter's square ought to be good for several minute's worth of movie time.
And perhaps while we're there it'll be possible to capture some shots of loving Italian Catholic mothers sawing parts off their daughter's genitals.
Did I miss any other fine Christian traditions?
Beheadings maybe?
Killing Buddhist schoolteachers in Thailand?
Cameras in local churches will be essential--to capture shots of priests as they preach death to the Western pigs and apes and the destruction of Israel.
We could wind up the movie with some interviews with the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, as they call for the killing of any who dare to leave the Christian church.
That ought to round it out nicely and end on a fine multicultural, tolerant note.
UPDATE: Fitna is but a mere entree to What The West Needs to Know now , a 90 minute feature starring Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'or and others on the words in the Koran that have driven Islamic violence for centuries and threaten our way of life today. Further details here.

How government pushes up housing costs

A perceptive piece in the NZ Herald today about how government policy, both central and local, has pushed up housing costs.
Labour costs have also risen, reflecting a failure of training in the building trades.
But it appears the cost of land is a major factor, so why not release more land for housing?
And the effect of this?
Well, it's either a family or a house? Says the Dominion Post.
Or 'Model T' housing is created, or we get used to apartment living, the Dompost also reports.
Neither seem attractive, so let's release those land and reduce those planing constraints.

Sub-standard Sub-contracted Sub-editors

Here's a bit of a blooper. Apparently the CEO of ASB Bank is an invisible mug.

"ASB Bank says Mr Chamberlin "escalated" the dispute to get a golden handshake, and tried to draw managing director Hugh Burrett into it as part of "cranking things up".

MugCaption1: Hugh Burrett

A former ASB Bank fraud investigator says he was forced to quit because managing director Hugh Burrett went easy on a customer who passed off a counterfeit US$70,000 ($87,000) bank draft."

Why No Comment?

If you read this morning's Herald you will see commentary from both Audrey Young and John Armstrong on the latest Herald DigiPoll which, among other things gives some brief respite to the Bilious Bitch. Prime Minister Helen Clark. Photo / Sarah Ivey.

The pieces mention that the poll was taken during and after Sir Roger Douglas's re-entry into politics which in itself gained ACT a week of wall to wall publicity. Yet these two experienced commentators make no reference at all to ACT's performance, or lack of performance, in this latest poll.

Wouldn't you think it a major news story if ACT had not improved or worse still, not registered, in spite of Sir Roger? An equally big story if they had improved?

Reading this stuff is a bit like eating a burger only to find afterwards there was no meat in it.

Islam v Islamism

Some very perceptive commentary on the West and it's dealings with Islamic radicals.

Interesting to note yet another example of how lunatic leftists have allowed their obsession with George W Bush to screw up yet another opportunity for progress.

"..............tearing down the notion, so carefully constructed by George Bush after September 11 of separating terrorism from the "religion of peace.

By repeatedly invoking Islam as the cause or, alternatively, the justification, for violent behavior, both the Left and the Right have jointly undermined the strategy of forming political coalitions with certain elements in the Islamic world to prosecute other elements. This coalition strategy undergirds the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan; it is implicit in US cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. In those places the US associates itself with certain elements of the "religion of peace" (such as Grand Ayatollah Sistani) against other elements........."

"..........If the Left had been smart they would have supported Bush's war on targeted elements of Islam. But by falling back on a reflexive pacifism, they gradually deligitimized this appoach without providing a viable warfighting strategy of their own. The Left's own rhetorical unconsciously painted them into the corner of inaction. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, for example, rely on the slogan of "getting troops out of harm's way" in place of any real program for resolving the current world crisis."

John Armstrong Does Subtle

The best put down is the subtle put down, where the victim reads it and thinks it's a compliment.

"If Peters follows the pattern of the last election, when he could lay legitimate claim to be leading the "third" party, he will appear only in leaders debates that include Helen Clark, against whom he appears human, and John Key, against whom he appears experienced."

Friday, March 28, 2008

NZ kicks off mass stupidity

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Mass stupidity starts in Christchurch tomorrow night.

What will Al Gore do? Will it affect his AlGoreRhythms into Climate Change aka mass hysteria/stupidity?

Fitna movie finally online

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders has finally released his Fitna movie online.
The movie people were doubting whether existed.
The 15 minute film features excerpts from the koran, a solemn music background and a range of disturbing images and messages.
There is even media-suppressed footage of people about to die during the 9-11 tragedy.
Well, I can only recommend everyone looks at the film- it is just 15 minutes after all- to assess and understand the World's biggest problem of the 21st century- Islamist extremism and expansion.
What kind of world do we want for our wome, our children and indeed ourselves?
Surely not the one outlined in the Koran and being worked towards across the world, from New York, to London, The Netherlands, as well as the Middle East.
The Brussels Journal also covers the movie, The Gates of Vienna notes a socialist Dutch MP and apostate is also working on a second anti-Koran film. Little Green Footballs makes the observation about powerful 911 footage that had been ignored by the MSM.

The 'dirt' on McCain

I was watching TVNZ's Breakfast programme this morning, which had real shocking news that could cost John McCain the presidency.
Has he slept with an intern and lied about it?
Is he lying about his war record, or even field trips to Bosnia?
Is his pastor a racist extremists?
Does he have extreme economic policies?
No! McCain's big issue is, according to TV1, he has had problems reading an autocue. he mangles his words like John key has.
And for this, he is riduculed by TV1 and whoever produced the footage sent over the Breakfast.
Well, if that's the best the left can come up with, McCain must be home and dry.
I tried searching for the source online. While there were some exchanges on economic policy, which seems fair, there was nothing on McCain's autocue troubles.
And in other news, news TV1 might like to know: An anti Israeli singer has penned a song for Obama. And his Church believes the Israelis have produced an ethnic bomb. What strange supporters he has?

No qaurter acre paradise, then what is the point of New Zealand?

If Kiwis can no longer have their quarter-acre bit of paradise, then what is the point of New Zealand?
The Real Estate Institute today says the quarter-acre days are gone and we should embrace appartment living.
What better way to accept the povery of today than poverty in one's aspirations as a country.
Keeping the populace confined in tiny boxes when we have land to spare.
Have the bosses at REINZ ever been into such places like the Volt, or Zest or the many little rats nests springing up all over Auckland.
What about our political leaders?
Are such boxes what they want for us New Zealanders?
If New Zealand cannot make it back up the OECD ladder, if we are to remain a poor country ranking alongside Greece in economic league tables, at least let us have room to breathe and enjoy this fine land.
If the best New Zealand can offer is a poky apartment, then off to Australia we Kiwis must fly, or even return from whence we came, crowded, congested, England.
If we must have some appartments, why not roomier specimens in decent suburbs, or better still
find some room in this great land of ours and build some new or expanded towns?
Does development have to be focussed on Auckland? I am sure some expanded settlements along SH1 to Hamilton would work, and along SH2 to tauranga. And why not have Hamilton having 250,000 people. Even Palmerston North could be smartened up and expanded.

Government seeing its own green follies...well, just the one!

Remember Dear Leader touting biofuels as the saviour for the planet?
Well, it seems the government is having second thoughts.
As reported many times before, biofuels are bad for the planet.
They are driving up food prices as farmers choose not to grow food, and they lead to habitat being destroyed to grow the new biofuel crops.
They also emit as much carbon dioxide as traditionally made petroleums.
The Herald reports the latest developments here, while Whale Oil goes into great length debunking the green support for them.
AND IN OTHER GREEN NEWS, Labour rejects claims its energy policies will cause fuel prices to rise 50% as reported yesterday. Instead, the Greens talk of a maximum 15%.
Now, that makes us all feel better, doesn't it?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Have All Australians

"I've been f**ked by a wombat" screamed the poor pissed bastard over the phone after he had dialled 111. He tried 901 but nothing happened.

All Australians are in the process of being f**cked by a wombat - one which speaks Mandarin.

You see, dear readers, Helen Clark is right. The trans Tasman traffic is not one way. We receive an inflow of quality people from across the ditch, doncha know?

Auckland Uni pays the price of political correctness

Auckland University is paying the price for its political correctness- some $66,000.
That is the compensation the university has to pay Dr Paul Buchanan whom the Emp-loyment Relations Authority says was unfairly sacked after he emailed a student to say her work was crap and he doubted her father had died. Even after all this time, there is yet no proof her old man actually popped his clogs. Furthermore, other emails showed Dr Buchanan tried to help her.
It is curious the NZ Herald story says the identity of the student concerned is suppressed, when Asma Al Yamahi revealed all to her local rag back home in Dubai, which led to the exposure of her identity here last August. It doesn't take an Einstein to do a bit of digging and the suppression is not mentioned in other media reports.
And then there was the Palestinian connection from Palestinian activists helping to bring about Dr Buchanan's downfall, even though the NZ Herald noted the professor was sympatheitic to their cause.
Either way, Auckland University surely has egg on its face after this employment court hearing. Now $51,000 for lost wages and $15,000 for hurt feelings is a small price to pay for the university in this case.
Dr Buchanan was NOT reinstated to his old job, which seems to be what people want.
Perhaps the bigger price is that being paid by other Auckland University students who have to put up with second or third rate students like Asma Al Yammahi, who remain in place because of the university's 'bums on seats mentality', which Dr Buchanan was previously criticised, as well as the university's own political correctness which also safeguards the weak and stupid.
UPDATE: More back ground here:

Liarbour: The party of poverty that makes us pay, pay and pay!

Barely a day passes without our tax and spend Liarbour government planning some new spending binge or its policies will hit us in some way.
Yesterday, we noted how Cullen wants a new train set.
Yet, when anyone talks of taxcuts, all the failed history professor bleats is that there's no government waste.
Any cuts would be inflationary, he says, they would wreck the social fabric, or 'economic platform' of New Zealand, etc, etc.
Today, Cullen is reported as admitting his taxcuts will be smaller than National's- another way Liarbour will cost us more than the National alternative. Colin Espiner notes Liarbour's belief that the taxcuts will taste better if thinly spread, though some wag comments they are still waiting for their chewing gum, a reference to long promised taxcuts Cullen cancelled post-Election 2005, once the votes had been cast.
Tax adds to how Liarbour is taking more and more from our pockets, an issue which grows ever greater with each day.
So Cullen now wants to spend hard earned taxpayer's money on trains.
Liarbour has been ripping off the energy consumer with higher electricity prices through its state-owned extortion. Its energy policies on renewables could also mean power prices going up 50% or more, as well as threatening the security of our supplies.
Liarbour has been ripping off motorists through higher GST and other taxes on petrol.
Liarbour has been ripping off home owners and renters through its useless housing and taxation policies which have fuelled a housing boom, turning it to bust, and now higher rental prices, which is exacerbating overcrowding for the poor.
Liarbour's high government spending has helped fuel interest rates to among the highest in the Western world.
But Liarbour insists government money is always spent wisely.
Thus $25 million is spent to save an endangered snail that is not really endgangered.
But no money is available for the Herceptin anti-cancer drug, as Act Campaigner John Ansell notes.
And today we see reports of government-funded research into the value of children's drawings!
So why do so many people still vote Liarbour?
Is it because so many see Liarbour as the 'party for the poor.'
Well, its record on helping the poor is not that good. We see how their policies impact on all of us, the poor especially.
Instead, Liarbour seems more adept as making more of us poor; they are the party of poverty, creating poverty, as they make us all pay, pay and pay!

The Democrats: A Coalition of the Corrupt and Racist

As the media focusses on the Democratic duo, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama, in their bid to push the donks as front runners, what are we seeing?
We are seeing both their favoured candidates implode, with Clinton facing varius allegations over lying and Hussein Obama facing charges of racism over what his mentor Rev Wright (pictured here with Bill Clinton) said and how Hussein Obama smeared the memory of his white grandmother.
Anyway, the plot thickens, with Aurora (again) at the Midnight Sun posting on the Democrats as a coalition of the "corrupt and racist" - an epitath that could apply to our own Liarbour Party if we wished.
Most notable is the anti-semitic comments from the Hillary which add to the pro-Arabism of the Muslim-raised Hussein Obama. So why should Jews vote Democrat?
In the meantime, the Republican's John McCain cruises smoothly and serenely towards victory as Clinton and Hussein Obama both clearly show their unfitness for office.

Western wimpery before Chinese killers

Aurora over at The Midnight Sun takes the Sydney Morning Herald and 'the left' to task, not to mention 'Chinophile' Aussie PM Kevin Rudd, over China.
Yes, protests from those naughty Tibetans, look set to 'overshadow' the lighting of the Olympic torch.
Well, after our own Dear Leader was 'waiting for the facts' over the Chinese clampdown in Tibet, we now see that she might not attend the signing of a Free Trade Agreement in Beijing.
Maybe the speculation from the Hive and others about Dear Leader's future, and how she might be dumped during the 'ides of April' have much truth in them and she must cut short her overseas trip.
The Australian newspaper here, notes the lack of courage from the New Zealand and Australian governments, with other countries using stronger language against China. If all we can do is give the Chinese a telling off, it is better we do it than say little.
Now, Aurora notes the contrast between global interest in Tibet and criticism of China contrasts sharply with the attention given to Palestine and the abuse heaped on Israel. Yet, as Amnesty International notes with its totals of numbers killed, the contrast is amazing. Indeed, as well as considering this commentary from Dennis Prager, who looks at why Palestinians get more media attention than the Tibetans, look at some gruesome pics of Chinese oppression here.

UK publicans stand firm, but what about the sheeple!

After further increasing excise dutues on beers, wines and spirits in his recent, the UK finance minister faces being banned from pubs across Britain.
The campaign is growing, thanks to bloggers like Guido Fawkes, who posts on the issue here.
The move follows a similar pub ban for PM Gordon Brown, in response to his government's smoking ban in bars legislation.
Now whether these campaigns will have any effect remains to be seen. But it is good to see the plucky British publicans make a stand.
I am sure Kiwi publicans must have similar gripes. New Zealand has its own smoking ban. There are no doubt other issues for us all to be angry about, where government has worsened or created a problem.
But Kiwis are such an apathetic bunch, the sheeple, always willing to let a domineering government ride roughshod over them. Isn't it time we made a stand?

Labour's Secret Tax Ripoff

Over this past nine years, coincidentally the same nine years in which Clark's disastrous Labour gummint has been in charge, Meridien Energy has passed to this gummint a whopping two billion dollars by way of interim, final and special 'dividends.'
Ali Baba

Well hello?????

These dividends were funded by our ever increasing power bills and they are in fact a defacto tax amounting to around $500 for every man woman and child in the land.

Is this the same Meridien Energy which has failed to build new generating capacity to meet our growing energy needs as we energetically claw our way further down the latter of OECD prosperity?

If these 'dividends' had been retained, as they should and used to fund capital borrowings then we could have had $3 billion dollars worth of clean green efficient north island nuclear power plants up and running since maybe 2003.

Then you would'nt need to pollute the Waikato with grotesque power pylons.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CBS Takes Sides

God help America, land of the free.

With CBS indoctrinating the people, you'd have to wonder what their fate will be.

Clearly, the Democratic Party shills who infest CBS have decided that the game should go to uber leftist racist and America hater Obama Sin Laden.

CBS has sent a rocket propelled grenade into the delicate flanks of the Clinton campaign. They have high lighted her brazen lies concerning her visit to Bosnia in 1996.

The fireworks is only just starting.

Bryers Scalp Worth Gold to Labour

In a smart and intelligent move, today commerce minister Lianne Dalzeil allowed liquidator Jeff Meltzer to announce that the government will provide funding to assist unravel the nightmare that is BlueChip.

Liquidator Jeff Meltzer. Photo / Greg Bowker

Adolf approves.

I thought right from the start this mess would get political and today it did. With over four thousand people involved in the biggest ripoff since petrol tax and an election in the offing this has to be the gift Labour have been looking for. They can be seen to be running down and punishing a genuine 'rich prick' who made his millions on the backs of innocent hard working greedy tax dodging kiwis.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This has got to be worth at least two points in the polls for Labour and if they can manipulate the police and the courts to have the bastard jailed in October, then they probably will win their coveted fourth term.

How Liarbour is engaged in mighty powerful rip-offs!

There's a few tales of doom and gloom out there, and Government, particularly our Liarbour government, can take its share of the blame.
First, high house prices means that an unaffordable deposit of $122,000 is now needed for that first home.
Such higher housing costs are now reflected in higher rentals too as landlords struggle with higher mortgages, rates and other bills.
Now, that will make it harder for people to save for their first home, won't it?
And then there's the higher food, fuel and mortage costs, making people feel incredibly poor.
Indeed, more kiwis feel poorer now than last year compared to those who feel better off.
Consumer confidence is slumping.
Now, where does government fit in?
Liarbour tax rises in 1999 helped fuel the housing boom as it became more tax efficient for landlords to invest in property. Higher government spending helped fuel higher interest rates- the highest in the developed world- which is now reinforcing the nasty effects from the global credit crunch. Yet higher government spending has not improved services.
Fuel prices are rising thanks in part to their tax policies, such as 5 cents or so on petrol, and this before planned Greenhouse taxes come in.
Food prices are also higher, thanks in part to the biofuels policies Liarbour supports.
But back to energy, where Fairfax columnist Bernard Hickey has some strong analysys of the power genration sector, pointing out a major rip-off of the consumer by state owned power companies, which in turn prevents the Reserve Bank of New Zealand from reducing interest rates ahead of an impending slump.
Commenting on power company profits, annnounced yesterday, Bernard says:

"these power generators are putting up prices much faster than the rest of the economy and are just another source of government-generated inflation that is keeping interest rates higher for longer than they need to be. These higher power charges, higher profits and higher dividends have simply become another tax on every household."

Bernard brands it 'state-owned profiteering', noting many produce and sell power in captive, monopolistic markets, and there is no need for marketing, etc.

But the general picture is clear. Inflation generated by local government, central government and government-owned corporates is high and rising.


There seems to be insufficient investment in new generation capacity and lines capacity to handle growth or the risk of some of our ageing infrastructure failing.

Noting how the government, as owner, then pockets the money, Hickey concludes:

We (1.6 million households) pay through higher electricity charges and then we pay again through higher interest rates. That’s because the Reserve Bank has no choice but to keep rates high when inflation continues to bubble along above its 2-3% target range.

So how does Liarbour plan to spend it $175 million windfall?
I heard more talk on tv about john Key bringing forward taxcuts to help hardpressed householders, but Cullen wants to spend up large buying back the railways.

Considering how government operates the energy sector, I am sure that makes us all feel better doesn't it?

Damned lefty journos!

Over at Kiwiblog, a debate has broken out over the latest Pew Centre survey, which shows that journalists are predominantly liberal, substantially more than the average US voter.
Of course, as Rex Wilderstrom says, many journos can produce straight news despite their political leanings.
Indeed, I was once praised for a piece on unions using new technology by my lefty workmates.
As someone with 15 years journalism experience I can confirm that righties are in a minority.
Typically in the newsroom, as a 'conservative' , I would be in a small minority, sometimes of one, whether I was in the UK, Australia or New Zealand. And be it a trade mag or daily newspaper.
There are several reasons for this.
One is journalism is likely to attract those of a campainging, let's change the world bent.
Though we all have to start somewhere, even covering flower shows before you are let loose on your local council or community board.
Media companies tend not to be the best of employers and pay rates have lagged other groups, sometimes not even moving at all. Prices have risen faster. Thus, the average reporter might be somewhat 'anti-employer' based on their own treatment. Indeed, I am more left wing on employment issues than other issues based on my own treatment.
And if you are more capitalist in nature, where money matters more, you will probably move into public relations, a 'sell out' I may make myself one day soon.
However, the impact of this on the wider MSM and populace is bad.
If newsrooms are dominated by lefties, the media will increasingly see things from one view.
What might outrage the latte left in Grey Lynn won't be of interest to the blue rinse brigade in Remeura or the farmers in the Waikato.
The newspaper will just become an Helengrad echo chamber talking to half of the country.
This is why the Sunday Star-Times is significantly losing readership. It is shedding readers by the ten thousand for its overwhelming liberal-left values. More right-wing readers are being turned off by it and the paper is also failing to chase those stories that appeal more to the right. It is not getting the scoops. It has lost touch with much of New Zealand.
The more centrist Herald on Sunday thus prospers as it is more pluralistic and accessible to all.
As for television news, TV1 and TV3 survive thanks to their cosy duopoly. But of there was real competition?
The TV news especially has been widely condemened for its pro-left bias and sycophancy to Dear Leader. But what can we righties do about it?
Well, it is easy to slag off 'lefty journos' but I doubt you will win them over with abuse.
Far better to be constructive. By all means say where they have got it wrong but help them to get it right. They are more interested usually in getting a good story than serving Dear Leader. APN and Fairfax pay their wages, not the Liarbour government. If they had the goods to bring down Dear Leader, they would do so, even if most might prefer to bring down John Key.
I recall the avoidance of the Doonegate issue in 2005, where the former Sir Humphreys blog had the evidence Helen lied to a sunday newspaper editor to help get rid of the former police commissioner, and only Investigate took up the story, complete with a media 'cover up' angle.
I doubt this will happen again. For Election 2008, the blogs have more power. Kiwiblog has as many readers as a medium-sized daily, if not more. David Farrar has many influential readers in Wellington too. The newspapers have their own bloggers, some of which take comments too.
Thus, in 2008 Sir Humphreys would have been able to post its comments on Colin Espiners blog, for example, and berate him directly for not looking into Doonegate. Other readers would see the evidence too. No longer could the story be ignored or sat on.
Anyway, if you are unhappy with your media, tell them and point the reporters in the right direction, as it were. Write letters, emails, suggest story ideas. Editors of whatever bent want to be in touch with their readers. And if you have a few million spare, set up a newspaper.
I'm sure Auckland has the market for a right-wing afternoon tabloid, perhaps based on the London Evening Standard model, or the 'Metro' frees of the UK, of MX in Australia.
Finally, while we might despair at media lefties, at least, it seems, the nerds are on our side, with PC World US noting strong conservative leanings among the techies.
Obviously, they are the bright ones!

Comment of The Week

From 'Hot Air' on Hillary's faked visit under sniper fire to the Balkans.

" Hillary went, because it was too dangerous to let Bill near an attractive eight year old girl…

Maquis on March 25, 2008 at 8:39 AM"

Where 2 + 2 = Infinity

Scientists should stick to bunsen burners and leave financial calculations to those who can add, subtract, multiply and divide.

The mathematically challenged Anthony Scott writes in this morning's Herald:-

"The real significance of the $700 million capital fund for innovation in the pastoral and food industries is in danger of being overlooked......"

The corrected version is:-

"The paltry insignificance of the $700 million capital fund for innovation in the pastoral and food industries is in danger of being overlooked....."

He goes on to say:-

"They are important issues and deserve close attention. But they miss the larger point of this announcement and attendant reactions.

The package does three things:"

After which he details not three but just two bullet points. Perhaps the missing 'thing' was the confusion sown by the package in the minds of those economic simpletons who who can't tell the difference between capital and income.

The best is kept for later however.

"With private sector contributions included, the fund may distribute up to $2 billion over the next 10-15 years."

Remember folks, the private sector is to contribute dollar for dollar. So, we have a $700 mil fund, earning interest at say 10%. Retain 3% for inflation proofing and you've got $49 mil to spend each year on scientific endeavour. (That's somewhere about the figure Jamdertin was talking.) Add the private contribution and there is about $100 mil per year, in real terms, each year, for 'the next ten to fifteen years.'

To use John key's immortal words, I'm buggered if I can see how that gets to two billion dollars.

One hundred million dollars per year is not really a hell of a lot when one puts it into perspective. Why, it's only 0.06% of Fonterra's turnover.

Maybe, Mr Scott has been taught to value investment by ANZ financial advisers or the good people from BlueChip.

Clearly he has been conned by the snake oil salesmen from Labour.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You can come home Greenpeace: Global Warming is a myth too!

If Geert Wilders produced the hoax of the year, what can we say about global warming, hoax of the century?
Haven't they been reading the papers? Or at least the blogs?
Haven't they seen the latest evidence?
That the planet is actually getting colder!
Anyway, as La Nina gives New Zealand a pleasant summer, at least the protesters were able to enjoy a fine day out!

The 'offensive' movie that might not exist!

Wouldn't it be the wind up of the year!
Rumours are sweeping the internet that Dutch filmaker and politician has NOT made an 'anti-Islamic' film called Fitna.
Apparantly , it's all a ruse just to prove his point that Islam is an evil barbaric religion.
Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch has made this interesting observation:

By now the idea is spreading all over the place that there is no movie Fitna, and never will be -- that Geert Wilders simply announced that there would be to expose Islamic intolerance.
I have no direct knowledge either way, but I'm inclined to credit this idea at this point, since the film has not appeared now on several dates on which it had been announced to appear. Maybe it will finally burst upon the world, but I won't be surprised if it never does.
And look what we have seen: for the mere announcement that he was making a film quoting the Qur'an and showing Muslims acting violently in accord with its words, we have seen threats from several Muslim countries, threats from Al-Qaeda, demonstrations in the Netherlands and around the world, and quailing dhimmitude from the august leaders of Europe, as they cringed before the anticipated Islamic wrath, and from Network Solutions, as they pulled Wilders's site while it was almost entirely devoid of content.
Note, meanwhile, that hardly a day goes by on which some Muslims somewhere do not commit an act of violence that they deem to be justified by the words of the Qur'an. Jihadist leaders routinely invoke Qur'anic passages to explain their actions and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. In other words, we see the announced theme of Wilders's Fitna played out every day, not by non-Muslims but by Muslims -- and there is nary a peep of protest from anyone. Muslims in the West issue vague denunciations of "terrorism," but never specifically explain whom they actually believe to be a terrorist, and there are no protests, no threats, no nothing against those who have supposedly "hijacked" their religion.
Maybe that was Wilders's point all along, and it is a point well made, made again and again and again.

I don't know either. I was quite looking forward to posting a link to the movie and watching it myself. Anyway, here's a story about muslim protest against that possibly non-existant movie.

The 'Shameless' Welfare State

Some of the blogs like Crusader Rabbit, Oswald Bastable and others are reporting a fine Daily Mail story about welfare abuse in England.

Known as the "Shameless" family among horrified neighbours, the McFaddens "boast" three generations of adults who are not working. All ten members of the clan share a council house and live off benefits amounting to around £32,000 a year. And very happy they are, too. "The only problem is," she says without a hint of irony, "that we're living in a three-bedroom council house, which is ridiculous. "I'm asking the council for a ten-bedroom home for all of us. We need more space. It's awful sometimes when all the children are squabbling. Still, we do have a big TV with Sky, but we need some relaxation."


The News of the World reinforced the point with this story about a "preacher of Hate" (no prizes for guessing his religion), who is also feeding off the state he aims to destroy, receiving 25,000 pounds a year in benefits ( about $65,000).

The story follows on from another Muslim bludger , No Minister reported in February, who couldn't be bothered working because the same state, he too aimed to destroy, was happy to pay him , his wife and 11 kids some 27,000 pounds a year for sitting on his arse, except when impregnating his wife.

No wonder soft touch Britain has become a beacon to bludgers of whatever colour, be they British or immigrants and refugees from afar. But is it alone?

Now, I am not suspecting there's taxpayer funded 'Preachers of Hate" sucking off the state tit in downtown Sandrabad and Mt Roskillistan but I am sure there must be some equally worthless bludging scum somewhere in New Zealand, South Auckland especially.

I am sure an enterprising newspaper must be capable of finding some, even if it does not fit in with their values or agendas. I mean, the Weekend Herald might run such an expose but I doubt the Sunday Star-Times would, but who knows?

However, if anyone out there knows of similar welfare abuse, do let us know at No Minister. I am sure we can find a media outlet to put such a story to good use.

Winston Defames Fiji?

You'd think so, judging by this headline, because Fiji 'committed' to elections long ago.

Winston Peters. Photo / Paul Estcourt

The Herald needs to put a boot up the arse of it's headline writer because nowhere, in a well written and balanced article, did Winston Peters say any such thing. Indeed, in the second paragraph he reviewed the commitment made by Commodore Frank to the last Pacific Forum meeting; the good progress already made; and the prospects for the March 2009 date being met.

What Winston seems unable to get his head around is the fact that Fiji is not 'just like New Zealand' when he comments disparagingly about The Commodore's 'People's Charter' which in itself is the key to positive political change in Fiji.

"At times Commodore Bainimarama appears to be saying that elections will only take place if those who stand as candidates accept the results of his "People's Charter" initiative, which seeks radically to re-shape Fiji's political, economic and social structures.

Foreign governments invited to support this process, including ours, have declined, citing legal, constitutional and practical reservations.
There are very real questions about the level of public support for this initiative, which is closely controlled by the regime and not inclusive. Even well-designed and well-intentioned policies will not survive if citizens do not feel they own them.

The Commodore has also suggested that the army will intervene again if a future government does not adhere to the "People's Charter" outcomes.
That raises doubts about his commitment to foster an environment which respects and upholds open political dialogue and freedom of expression.
Without these, the international community would find it difficult to assess an election to be free and fair."

It is more than likely the only people who oppose the charter are Qarase, Balu Khan and all their venal mates whose snouts have been in the trough for decades while the poor people of all races languished in poverty.

Monday, March 24, 2008

So, how long might he live?

Dear old Pope Benedict, bless him, has baptised a prominent Italian muslim.

Muslim leaders in Italy apparantly say the convert was free to choose his faith.

Well, there's a first time for everything, including Islamic acceptance of apostates.

Anyway, Magdi Allam has a few choice words about the Religion of Peace, which he branded 'intrinsically violent.'

Magdi Allam: "Over the years my spirit has been freed from the obscurantism of an ideology that legitimises lies and deception, violent death that leads to homicide and suicide, blind submission to tyranny"

Robert Spencer over at Jihadwatch covers the conversion and controversy at great length.
Well, if such a high profile convert to Islam is killed, doesn't it just prove what many of us say about the Religion of Pigs.

Anyway, on top of all those Iranian conversions to Christianity No Minister also mentioned, what a great way to end Easter Weekend.

You don't have to be religious to see the Achilles heel of the greatest evil of the 21st century: Western freedom will defeat Islam, if we let it. And as I am sure I will be reminded by some, as will the Power of Christ.

UPDATE: NZ Conservative covers the issue here.

Iraq: A victory to celebrate

Little has been said about the fifth anniversary of the invasion and liberation of Iraq.

Well, as we know , as the MSM tells us, it has been a great defeat for 'the dumbest' US president in history.

Well, the No Pasaran blog disagrees and they put up a good case:

Five years after the start of the war in Iraq, it's become common wisdom — among mainstream media and Beltway pundits, anyway — that it's all been a failurewrites Investor's Business Daily, as it quotes George W Bush.
They couldn't be more wrong.
The U.S. war in Iraq — and by extension, President Bush — started coming under withering criticism not too long after it started in March 2003. Quickly forgotten were these salient quotes, made just the year before:
"We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction." — Sen. Ted Kennedy, on Sept. 27, 2002.
"It is clear . . . that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons." — Sen. Hillary Clinton, Oct. 10, 2002.
"We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country." — Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002.
We could go on and on. Others said similar things. Suffice to say, support at the time for "doing something" about Iraq was wide and deep. They even egged Bush on, urging him to get tough. Then, in the fall of 2002, Congress authorized Bush to go to war.
Only later, in late 2003 and 2004, as polls showed public support waning, did many of those same prominent politicians who once enthusiastically stumped for war and even voted for it in Congress suddenly do an about-face. It stands as one of the most shameful political turnabouts in U.S. history.
Opponents suddenly claimed the war was a sham, that they were fooled into supporting it by cooked intelligence, that we should have never removed Saddam, that Iraqis were better off with him in power than with us as occupiers.
The war in Iraq, in short, simply wasn't worth it. But they were wrong on all counts.
The data on the war weren't cooked; virtually every major foreign intelligence service, including those of France, Germany and the U.K., among others, believed Saddam Hussein was pursuing nuclear and biological weapons — weapons of mass destruction.
Moreover, Saddam's ties to al-Qaida, despite recent news reports to the contrary, were clear. He openly tolerated Ansar al-Islam, an al-Qaida affiliate, in northern Iraq. He welcomed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with open arms before the war began.
His intelligence service met with al-Qaida cell leader and 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta months before he attacked the Twin Towers. Osama bin Laden even wrote a now-infamous letter to Saddam in the 1990s, asking for help.
As 9/11 Committee co-chairman and former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean said, "There was no question in our minds that there was a relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida."
We achieved many concrete benefits from taking Saddam out — none of them, by the way, related to "blood for oil," the libelous and patently false phrase used by the left to tarnish the U.S. war effort.
For instance, Libya's Muammar Qaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons just weeks after the U.S. deposed Saddam. Coincidence?
Syria pulled its troops out of Lebanon, a country it bullied for decades. Elections followed. Iraq and Afghanistan had free and fair elections, while Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even Syria recognized democratic movements. North Korea suddenly decided to talk.
Oh, but we didn't find WMDs?
On the contrary, U.S. troops found more than 500 weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. True, we didn't find an operational nuclear weapon, but U.N. inspectors found lots of equipment and plans clearly showing that Iraq had been working on one — and intended to do so again.
All of these are facts. And so are the following:
Iraq is today a growing economy again. From 2002 through 2006, the most recent year for which data are available, per capita GDP in dollars jumped 110%.
Before the war, there were some 833,000 people with telephones. Today, there's 9.8 million. Fewer than 5,000 people were on the Internet during Saddam's rein of terror; today, it's a quarter million.
There were no private TV stations under Saddam; today Iraq has more than 50. There are at least 260 independent newspapers and magazines in Iraq, vs. none under Saddam. Just 1.5 million cars were registered before the war; by 2005, that had hit 3.1 million.
In short, by almost any objective measure one might choose, Iraqis are today much better off than they were under Saddam. Those that deny this are, frankly, deluded.
Better still, Saddam's jackbooted minions no longer pull people screaming out of their homes for torture sessions and murder.
By some estimates, an average of 50,000 people died each year from Saddam's campaigns of genocide, ethnic cleansing and political murder. Last year, the peak of the surge, there were 18,000 civilian deaths — mostly by terrorists.
Today, Iraq's nascent democracy, though imperfect, seems solid. A recent look at the Index of Political Freedom shows Iraq ranking as the fourth-freest country in the Mideast, out of 20. Those who term the war a "failure" need to define that term.
Since the surge began a year ago, nearly every indicator of violence in the country is down, and down sharply: civilian fatalities, off 80% from the peak; enemy attacks, off 40%; bombings, off 81%.
Yes, U.S. fatalities are nearing 4,000. And every death of every brave soldier is a tragedy. But we lost more soldiers on D-Day.
In 2007 — widely reported by the media last summer as the "worst" yet during the war — 901 American troops lost their lives. By comparison, during the Clinton administration, an average of 938 American soldiers died each year in the military. The notion that we've suffered unconscionable troop losses is false and misleading. This is the most bloodless war in history.
So far, we've spent about $500 billion on the war — less than 1% of our GDP over the past five years. Yet with that money, we've perhaps recast the history of the Mideast, giving its people a chance to throw off the shackles of tyranny and to live in peaceful democracies. We've bashed al-Qaida severely, killing key leaders and demoralizing the terrorist group's followers.
We've not had a single major terrorist attack since 9/11 — no doubt, in part, because we showed our mettle when attacked. Just as important, we've helped make the threat of nuclear annihilation by rogue states a focus of international diplomacy — something that might end up saving the West.
Not bad for an unpopular war. Democrats may propose a total withdrawal of all our troops, as Barack Obama has done, but increasingly Americans look to be siding with President Bush. On Wednesday, he called for us to stay in Iraq until the war is completely won. We agree.
UPDATE: the American Thinker looks at alternatives to the War and present policy.
UPDATE2: Whale Oil offers these anniversary contributions from Christopher Hitchens and Oliver North.

Sir Roger fights back

Sir Roger Douglas has hit back at a piece from the Herald's John Armstrong who branded the former finance minister's policies as 'hard right.'
As Sir Roger says in today's NZ Herald, his policies are not so much hard right, it is that Liarbour is so hard left, in want state-owned monopolists to provide services.
All Douglas is promoting is choice and diversity in provision, which even happens in socialist Sweden.
While John Key is playing it right in currently distancing himself from such ideas, I only hope that as Sir Roger does such a fine job in selling them, that they do not appear so radical and scary after all, but a common sense alternative to the failing status quo.
Then, National might have the courage to adopt much of Sir Roger's programme by itself.
But first the debate over state monopolist v private and competitive provision needs to be heard first.

Liarbour fails on housing, again

Naturally, councils report how the bureaucratic ways of dealing applkying them will not work and will add costs to councils and homeowners overall.

However, I will give Liarbour some credit. The cost of housing is no longer an issue they can ignore, even if Liarbour has a tendency to come up with the wrong solutions to a problem it helped cause itself.
As noted many times before, restrictive land use policies have pushed up section prices, Liarbour's higher government spending has fuelled interest rate rises, and Liarbour raising the top rate of income tax fuelled the growth of property investment, which boosted house prices faced by the less well-off.

Anyway, while Maryann Street has no sympathy for young people, at least Shane Jones is showing some promise with an idea to make the consents process easier, saving several thousand dollars per house. Still a drop in the ocean though.

Call me old fashioned but...........

If women are working, then they should not be breastfeeding their babies.
If they are breastfeeding, they should be at home.
Isn't that what paid parental leave was all about?
Thus, Liarbour's planned new law on forcing employers to create spaces for breastfeeding is unnecessary.
Ditto with the forced meal breaks.
I doubt there is anyone who does not have meal breaks in their contract.
And any employer with half a brain knows that you need to let you staff have a rest every so often, so they can be refreshed and recharged to work harder/ better.
UPDATE: Employers say research is needed to see if such a bill is necessary.