Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why fund something that despises everything you are?

As Dear Leader digs ever deeper into the mess of Glenngate and John Key score more hits off Liarbour, a few puzzling questions remains.

Owen Glenn appears to be a very successful businessman, building up enterprises topping more than a billion dollars- just the type of self-made man who should be bankrolling ACT or National.

So why is he funding Liarbour? Especially a party that refers to successful businesspeople as 'rich pricks'?

As Cactus Kate has reported, Glenn is a party boy who likes the company of glamorous ladies, not the type of thing the Sisterhood might approve of.

And as Cullen has kept an ever tighter grab on the country's finances, with Liarbour's first job raising the top rate of tax and keeping the thresholds constant to grab ever more and more ordinary kiwis into the net of top tax, we see a businessman enthralled to a high-tax regime, while he himself uses all kinds of tax devices and the use of tax havens to keep his own tax bill to a minimum. It is a government under which he refuses to reside under.

Owen Glenn does not practice or appear to support the policies of a party he funds- even calling on Liarbour to abandon its anti-Nuclear policies.

Indeed, there are reports of his links to 'big tobacco' while he funds a government that has banned smoking in bars.

Glenn is free to spend his money as he see fits, but why does he bankroll Liarbour? What does he get out of it?

Was it a free trade deal with China that allows his logistics company special rights in China, as noted in Investigate magazine?

Was he really offered the job of Transport Minister, something he now says was a joke? A job that might allow him some power to send business his own way?

Is the job of Honorary Consul to Monaco that important, a grace and favour post that offers access to some top parties and maybe the right connections in government, business and rotalty, the European rich and the powerful. Cactus Kate offers her view here.

Is this what he is truly after? It is all mind boggling when you seek a motive. Obviously he is rational and intelligent enough to build up a business and he will obviously know what he is doing when he makes his comments. Is it now to change the regime? Liarbour has been his plaything? It may have delivered here (China), it may have delivered there (a few honours) but has it delivered everywhere?

Who is screwing who? Liarbour or Glenn? Liarbour needs his cash. It changed the Election Funding rules to accommodate HIS funding, while excluding those who might fund National.
Yet, the use of loans, and there seems to be plenty, could still force Liarbour in breach of the bill it created to rig the election rules in its favour.

This is why a full investigation is needed into Liarbour Party finances, into the whole Glenngate affair. Liarbour has made much play over Hollow Men , the Exclusive Bretheren, and Dear Leader herself was forthright concerning Jenny Shipley's recollections over dinner with that Kevin Roberts guy way back in the 1990s.

Dear Leader and her actions have brought this whole mess upon herself, including the hapless Liarbour party president Mike Williams owning up to some skulduggery. Her dishonesties and inconsistencies are become ever more exposed by the day.

Join the dots from the way Liarbour raided the taxpayer to fund its re-election, to the entire Electoral Finance Bill, the cash for honours with Owen Glenn; and the stench of her corruption, the corruption by her government and her ministers cannot be ignored any longer.

Alternatively, Dear Leader cannot be that incompetent, can she?

UPDATE: Did NZ First receive a donation from Owen Glenn? Interesting that it is Winston Peters who will decide whether he be made honorary consul to Monaco. Audrey Young blogs here.


Mrs Makepeace said...

The plot thickens with Aunty Audrey blogging this afternoon that NZ First may have also been the recipient of largese from Owen

Dear, oh dear, what a saga of hidden agendas and rich pricks.

mawm said...

As I have noted before - Owen Glen is a crook, he has a history of murky dealings. He wants a veneer of respectability and this he bought, for the paltry sum of 500k, from a desperate Liars and Crooks Party and around 100k from the bauble-meister. He does not support their cause, he just wants to wear the gong and have a title to get access to the movers and shakers that his unsavoury past has denied him.

Desperate Liars and Crooks Party will, like the proverbial whore, bend over backwards for a few bucks. I wonder what he got for the 'loan' if the gong was for the 500k and the payment to the bauble-meister was for the 'honoury consul'.

He certainly is not a man New Zealand wants to be associated with.

Clunking Fist said...

Love it!

Poneke said...

Is that Cactus pictured there with Glenn?

If so what has she done to herself?

Anonymous said...

That has to be a doctored photograph. The woman has the hand of a navvy.


Cactus Kate said...

Why thank you Poneke :).

Alas I wouldn't be seen wearing white.

Cactus Kate said...

Why fund something that despises everything you are?"

Unfortunate heading Fairfacts, most men would call this marriage or the divorce

Poneke said...

Actually you are much nicer looking, Cactus :-)