Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Dubbya Should Have Done To Keller

Helen Clark and Winston Peters must be green with envy. If only they could deport journalists who pass off political opinion as news.


Commodore Frankie doesn't muck around. Bloody cheeky Australian reporter got chucked out for being too clever by far.

"We also have the recent case of an opinion columnist in the Fiji Sun masquerading as a regular correspondent's writing front page stories. So blatant has been the Fiji Sun's disregard for ethics that these lead stories have explicit opinions contained within the article.

"These little tricks are getting out of hand and that is the reason why we have called everyone here to explain to you in detail once and for all the truth that continues to be misconstrued and disregarded by most sections of the media."

Now that's the way to deal with duplicitous journos and their hangers on.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Radio Left Wing reports:-

" Prime Minister Helen Clark says she is very concerned that Fiji's interim government has deported an Australian newspaper publisher."

Yessir, she's concerned alright. Concerned she can't do the same thing here.

pdm said...

Did you see Clark on TV ranting on about the loss of Freedom of Speech in Fiji.

The only difference between NZ and Fifi is as Adolf says - she cannot deport people who disagree with her.