Friday, February 29, 2008

Time for a United States of Europe

Nice piece from Timothy Garton Ash in the Guardian this morning, ostensibly about Russia, but also shows exactly why all this talk about the EU becoming an EUSSR is bollocks. For instance:

Meanwhile, the countries of the European Union have been at sixes and sevens in their relations with Moscow. It's a general rule that if you want to see the EU at its most divided, supine and implausible, you should look at it from the vantage point of a rich, large, powerful country, be it Russia, China or the United States. Policymakers in Beijing, Moscow and Washington share views of the EU ranging from the sceptical to the contemptuous, for they see each national government privately coming, cap in hand, to make its own deal. Small wonder that Putin's Russia feels it can pursue its own national interests better by dealing with individual European powers. Europe, as it currently behaves towards Russia, China and the US, is a standing invitation to "divide and rule".

The kow-towing is personal as well as national. The former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, having smoothed the way for Russia's Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic sea while in office, is now chairman of the pipeline consortium. In an interview less than 18 months ago, he was still publicly sticking by his claim that Putin is a "flawless democrat". Oh yes, and black is white.

A recent report by the European Council on Foreign Relations, a pan-European thinktank (full disclosure: on whose board I sit), documents this pathetic disarray. It also points out that if you treat the EU as a unit, it is potentially far more powerful than Russia. Its total economy is 15 times the size of Russia's, which barely outstrips that of Belgium and the Netherlands combined. About half Russia's trade is with the EU, while Russian gas supplies only 25% of current EU gas needs. As for "soft power" - the power to attract - Russia does not begin to compete. It's only because Europe is so divided that the tail wags the dog.

Congratulations, all those bozo nationalists working to keep Europe divided - you're doing a great job.



I have nothing against free trade and friendship with other EU countries- it's a matter of how much power a centralised European superstate has.

sagenz said...

lets also be realistic. EU power is not democratic. The states have far more moral authority.

But you make a good point. Is there any particular reason why New Zealand should not try to join the EU other than Geography?

Clunking Fist said...

Jesus, I think some people need to look a bit closer at what the EU gets up to. It's a front for a socialist takeover of Europe. It is a f**king disaster exploding in slow motion. The auditor has REFUSED TO SIGB THE EU's ACCOUNTS FOR 13 STRAIGHT YEARS

One day, europeans will wake up and realise that their national governments have less power than state govts in the USA.

Interesting but unsurprising that pyscho the socialist is pushing this as a great reason for europeans tosubordinate themselves to unelected bueocrats in Brussells.

I really do suggest that folk spend a bit of time to see how EU laws are created without the help of elected MPs.
And google "Common Purpose" while you're at it.

Clunking Fist said...

ps not that i'm suggesting go soft on Russia.

EUSSR is NOT bollocks: it's happening already. The EU gives taxpayer funds to thousands of left wing organisations, including the BBC. Why the frick does the bbc get funding!? So they report soft on the EU.
There has been almost NO reports in the bbc about the substantial protests going o n in the European parliament.
Helen thinks the Herald's biased? She'just jealous of the support the UK Liarbores get from the poll tax (and EU) funded state broadcaster.