Monday, February 25, 2008

The people are NOT listening to Dear Leader

Fairfax follows-up its Saturday poll which shows Dear Leader and Liarbour "Poll-Axed" with a breakdown on the issues.

Liarbour is increasingly out of touch as the polls show voters taking a more National approach to crime, education and tax cuts.

And today, Dear Leader has been on the radio promising "a tonne of ideas."

"We have to keep governing, we have to work on being a government of substance, a government of vision, a government which has got the big ideas," she said.

Trouble is, it is Liarbour's ideas, Liarbour's vision that frightens us. New Zealand does not want it any more. We can see the damage they cause in terms of education, our pockets, the economy, health, etc, etc.

Not only that, we see a corrupt, hypocritical regime that relies on "rich pricks" for funding, who are bought off with baubles; we see a party silencing the opposition, whose competence is so awful its mates like the EPMU are now hamstrung from campaigning; we see a government that doesn't listen over issues like smacking and crime.

And our increasingly shaky economy, slipping in the league tables, shows how Liarbour has frittered away the best economic weather in a generation.

The sooner Liarbour goes the better. But the longer they stick around, the greater their defeat will be. All John Boy has to do is smile and not frighten the horses. A policy that seems to be working very nicely thank you, even if some on the right have their reservations.

UPDATE: Tracey Watkins of the DomPost reviews the political week here, noting Liarbour's dilemma.


Mrs Makepeace said...

Watkins writes that "For a party which exerts so much energy applying The Hollow Men test to National's campaign finances, it failed to apply even the simplest smell test to its own."

This "holier-than-thou" attitude has pervaded Liarbour since the git-go.

The rot set in with Paintergate - when Helen Augusta was exposed in an act of blatant fraud, her doctrine of duplicitous deniability set the tone for future Liarbour governments.

Roll on the Ides of March; failing that, roll on November!

Puckle said...

"Miss Clark said the Government had "a tonne of ideas" which it would unveil this year."

I'd be happier with a 100 kilos of integrity...