Thursday, February 28, 2008

Parore on Ryder

The supremely arrogant, and totally overrated, Adam Parore cannot keep his mouth shut over Jesse Ryder.

"I take no pleasure out of getting something like this right," Parore told RadioSport today.

"It does point to a history of self-destructive type behaviour and it's really sad because as we all know now, the kid can play."

What were his predictions again?

1. Couldn't play. Result - Ryder scored 196 runs @ 49 in his maiden one-day series. Nice 1 Adam.
2. Too unfit. Result - see above and vital wickets and catches he took.
3. Loose cannon. Result - well maybe he is right on that one. But it was hardly a prediction of Nostradamus proportions was it and Parore was hardly the right person to make it.

After all, he was hardly a saint when playing for the Black Caps was he Cairnsy?

1 comment:

Grant S said...

"supremely arrogant"

You've got that right. Ever read his book The Wicked Keeper ? Breathtaking arrogance from start to finish.