Monday, February 25, 2008

The knives are out for Dear Leader- it's just so 1990!!

Echoes of 1990 Britain here after a leader who won three successive terms of office for her party now finds herself a major liability.
A Stuff poll, as noted on The Hive today, noted Liarbour might do much better with a fresh new leader.
The country has stopped listening to her. John Key is streets ahead as preferred PM, something that doesn't usually happen to opposition leaders.
The Electoral Finance Bill and related hypocracies, such as Glenngate, is her Poll Tax.
Already the media are circling round and quizzing her potential successor.
Phil Goff has got his denial in, but like Michael Heseltine with his 'forsee no circumstances' comment all those years ago, will have given himself sufficient wiggle room should circumstances change.
Liarbour MPs will increasingly be doing the sums on what might happen should Dear Leader go with grace , or be booted out, or whether she stays.
They will do what they can to save their own skins.
For many in Liarbour, just what would they do in a life outside parliament should Liarbour be routed in Election 2008 as the polls predict?
This will focus their minds and self interest tremendously.
Seasoned observer Whale Oil forsees similar doom for Dear Leader.
For someone who has been raised on politics since a boy, since when he probably sat on Muldoon's knee as a youngster and no doubt threw up all over the dictator, he has seen it all before, as he recalls today.
So Dear Leader is toast. The Brothers and Sisters will be plotting in their back-rooms, smoke filled or otherwise. Her future is the bbq-stopper, the talk around the Liarbour watercooler.
Goff had to issue a denial about such a gathering of MPs just south of Auckland yesterday, just prior to his latest comments today.
The issue for Liarbour now, is will Dear Leader face the guillotine before the election, or after it?
What will be best for the party? What will help it survival and that of its MPs?
Will she stand down with dignity, 'fight on to win' and later backdown when the odds are against her, or will she be kept on as a lame duck.
Trouble is, while this blog has never been a fan of old Helen, we just might miss the old girl!
Indeed as Liarbour weighs up the prospects for a Thatcher-style matricide or regicide; post-Clark, life in New Zealand will never be the same again.

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I thought I was a bit presumptious speculating that the knives are out for dear leader.
But The Hive notes much commentary on the issues from the Dompost and the herald.