Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Obama Bin Laden!

Has Hillary been playing dirty?
Obama's camp are saying so after this picture appeared on The Drudge Report.
It had led to a furore making headlines around the world.
Of course, in such post 911 times, even if George Bush has not won widespread support for his War on Terror and against Iraq, most people would prefer not to have an Islamist as President of the United States.
Is Obama one? Well, we know he has been educated at a madrassa in Indonesia and his middle name is Hussein.
Obama has also been consistent in his opposition to the war in Iraq, so his appeasement is similarly consistent and understandable..
Recent days have also seen speculation intensify as to his actual ancestry.
While Obama's Kenyan background has been well featured, there are extensive claims that rather than being of African-American heritage, Obama is actually of Arabic heritage, descended from Arabic slave traders!
What would Oprah Winfrey say?
But he has support from the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkhan, who is well-known for hating Jews, gays and believing whites aren't yet fully human.
Indeed, as Obama appears to have lied in his autobiography, the big papers in the US are similalrly uncovering discrepencies about his claimed African-American heritage too.
So the dirty Democrats are feeding an orgy of lies about an invented candidate so millions of guilt-ridden white liberals will show their non-racist credentials by voting for an inexperienced politico backed by Islamists, and as Trevor Louden notes, a whole menagerie of leftists and communists.
It all makes Obama's alleged cocaine snorting and c*** sucking, which I reported at the weekend, seem quite inconsequential.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And the dils in the NZ Labour Party reckon they have a neutron bomb? Hey this IS a neutron bomb.

I can hear the tune now:-

"Let me tell you bout Obama, The Ayrab......"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How can I get these bloody html thingies to work?


pdm said...


Joe said...

Well, we've had a B-actor as president -- now we have a Caucasian-Arab, posing as an Afro-American, running for Emperor. What's next? Is Oprah really Chinese?

Robert4 said...

Kenneth E. Lamb converted to Islam when he went to Kenya to investigate his article on Obama's Arab heritage. How does that affect this story?

Joe said...

Look to October 15th; it should be a big day for many... --jws