Sunday, February 24, 2008

Inherent Ingrained Dishonesty

Matt McCarten pretty much nails it vis a vis Labour, NZ First, Own Glenn and the notorious Electoral Finance Act. McCarten is a pretty astute commentator.

But look at the little give away. The irresistible throw away lines.

".....National Party, which cynically arranged secret trusts into which big donations could be funneled."

and later

"But anyone in politics knows that there is no such thing as an anonymous donation of this size."

So all-pervasive is the inherent, ingrained dishonesty of the left that it is inconceivable (a) that the establishment of a trust is not cynical and (b) that National party politicians might NOT actually know the identity of major donors.

The difference between National and Labour is that National has a firewall between the party wing and the political wing while Labour does not.

It's a matter of governance. National good - Labour bad,

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John Tertullian said...

Dosen't the left's dishonesty on this point reflect the deep seated religious commitment to a Marxist world view. Capitalists become such only by virtue of their exploitation of the poor. Therefore, monied classes and individuals are by deinition corrupt.
The usually unstated corollary of the left's world view is that the poor are by definition virtuous and uncorrupted--and, oh, also those who seek to speak for them, and exercise power on their behalf are also by extension intrinsically pure and above corruption. Viz the moral smugness of Clark and Cullen and others of the left, the hypocrisy and double standards. One could argue that this is simply amoral cynical political posturing. But I think it is a deep-seated position. They genuinely believe themselves to be morally superior and above corruption--and, by implication, the law. After all, the law only needs to exist for the unrighteous.
What they accurately represent is the faith and morality of Marxism, without its revolutionary fervour. What it projects to non-Marxists is hypocritical cant, vacuous smugness, and a boring superficial triteness.