Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eat Yourself Fitter

I offer our readers a momentary respite from the otherwise-constant barrage of National Party propaganda. Fuck I hate election years.

The disastrous pseudoscience of Nutrition continues to stagger from one prize example of foolishness to the next. Today’s fine effort is the Nutrition column of the Listener of February 23 2008, in which a reader asks for dietary advice that would help avoid Type 2 diabetes, and is prescribed a diet guaranteed to increase their chances of getting it. The article is currently only in print, but will be online here from 15 March.

The (abridged) question:

Recent blood tests revealed I have blood sugar level problems. I was told this could lead to early onset Type 2 diabetes… Can you offer any specific dietary advice that would help?

The specific dietary advice (also abridged):

…six-plus servings of wholegrain breads and cereals to increase fibre intake.

…5+ servings of fruit and vegetables

Choose high-fibre and low-fat foods.

Here’s the bottom line, folks: if you’re pre-diabetic, it’s because you’ve become insulin-resistant and your pancreas is now struggling to turn out enough insulin to process the shitloads of blood sugar you flood yourself with every time you tuck into your high-carb, low-fat diet. Eventually it’ll be too knackered to continue the struggle and you'll be a Type 2 diabetic. The absolute worst dietary decision you could make would be to follow this nutritionist’s advice and make your diet even more high-carb and low-fat.

I don’t want to write a big long treatise on this all over the front page of our blog, but I’m happy to argue the case in comments.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you entirely PM

The writer would be far, far better to boost Fat and Protein levels, couple that with moderate to lite exersise and everything should be fine.

And what's wrong with National Party propaganda? :)


Chris said...

Mate you are so right! I was diagnosed pre-diabetic 10 years ago (as a result of a commercial diving medical)
Instant visions of needle jabbing!
I tried hard to follow the medical advice and my blood sugars went up!
So pills were prescribed (these things turbocharge your otherwise functioning pancreas!)
So the wake up for me was a fine meal of Fish and Chips at the smoked fish cafe in Mapua - rather than going through the roof my blood sugar afterwards was a 4! (ie Normal!)
This lead to a bit of research and a paper called "The soft science of dietary fat"


Hmmm whats going on?
This predated all the "Atkins" diet etc but NZ as a producer of most excellent fat needs to push back at the health nazis!

So here I am 9 years later

I'm the lightest I've ever been in my adult life (and officially normal!)

I'm healthy and I've discovered that as much as anything I owe the "Insulin Resistance" to my Highland Scots ancestors and my sugar fuelled lifestyle.

I feel that the approach taken by mainstream medical thought is dangerous and possibly fatal for many Type 2 Diabetics.

Strong words but the current treatment regime (beta stimulants) can burn out the pancreas (a fragile wee organ) and create what I call Type 3 Diabetics (Insulin Dependent & Insulin Resistant).

For a while I was quite leterally a poster boy for Diabetes NZ but I feel that organisation has been captured by FOE (the misnamed "Fight Obesity Epidemic") and other MoH (Ministry of Health) funded "campaign organisations"

And also the rather morbid association of the conditions specialists with data rather than sufferers.

Is it a problem yes an epidemic no (not in a true contagious sense) but it is a social and cultural phenomenon.

My program:

1 Rebrand Type 2 (the image of Type 1 kids shooting up) distorts everyones view

2 Know your family history (something you do in your 40's but need to know in your 20's)

3 Sugar is evil (but understand all the forms it comes in - fruit, carbs, starchs etc)

4 Learn to identify your blood sugar state from your physical sensations (and understand the huge difference between Hypo & Hyper Glycemia)

5 Then the biggie DO MORE & EAT LESS! (I find positive stress, small children and dogs really useful)

Thanks for discussing this, we do have a problem but the solutions are all about personal responsibility.

Psycho Milt said...

Cheers Chris. I'm a needle-jabber myself. The Nutritionists' advice had me shooting up vast quantities of insulin, with the consequent side effect of vastly increased likelihood of taking seriously too much or too little. When my wife (a food scientist) eventually persuaded me they were talking shit, I damn near cut the insulin dosage in half just by going low-carb. If I was man enough to ditch the carbs altogether, I could have chopped it by a third.

KG said...

"fuck hate election years"
Only when the Hun is trailing badly in the polls, I suspect.

Psycho Milt said...

As I recall, the last election year was also preceded by a months-long perfect storm of partisan bullshit, and "the hun," by which I assume you mean Labour, won that one. In short: no, KG.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes- I cut the carbs back and my blood sugar becomes 'normal'

Clunking Fist said...

I found that my blood pressure begain to increase when the Liarbore administration introduced the EFB. It leaped again when someone put an order in for diesel BMW ministerial limos.

I'd have thought that recent polls would have my pressure returning to normal, but all the excitement is keeping it up. I just about died laughing when Oggi "came out" as a loan arranger.

What a year, eh?!