Friday, February 29, 2008

A Hive of treachery

Once he's cut the cake, just what will the Dear Deputy do with the knife?
According to the Hive, one of the better blogs around, it seems he will stick it into Dear Leader!
The Hive has joined the dots over various calamities Labour has suffered in recent weeks and appears to have found links to the grubby little finance minister.
Following on from a couple of other leadership specualtion stories, such as Mike Moore saying its time for Helen to go, and Chris Trotter praising Phil Goff, The Hive fingers Cullen via his speechwriter.
As the architect of Liarbour's failed economic policies in recent years, which have done nothing to uplift the country's economic standing nor the wealth of the populace, I see no reason why Liarbour would elect Cullen as its leader.
His budgets have been unpopular and he almost cost Liarbour the last election.
So while it might appear fanciful for the Finance minister to lead Liarbour, go on Mickey, go for it!
As a National/Act supporter I say you can only weaken Labour's case.

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pdm said...

It would probably suit Goff to have Cullen take over from Clark before the election. He could then `shaft him' after he lost and take over as the saviour of the Labour Party.